20 MPH Sped Limits Part 3

Before we get lost in a plethora of “Guidance” Notes from the Department of Transport we should perhaps go back to basics in any consideration of traffic safety through the Village, principally along Main Street.

Given the poor provision or absence of footpaths with many properties situated directly onto the road and the number of vehicle exit points which are risky due to poor sight lines no-one can consider Main Street to be safe either for pedestrians or vehicles.

The fact that there have been few accidents in the past can only be attributed to luck and low traffic volumes.  However County are in the process of installing average speed cameras along the A683 from Caton through Tunstall to Kirkby and it is possible that this may encourage traffic to use the B6254 through Newton and Whittington.

The development at Whittington Farm will generate additional traffic, both pedestrian and vehicle, and it will have a restricted visibility access.  Much of the pedestrian traffic is likely to be school children with the consequent risks.

Logically, the City Council will have considered access issues when the original planning application was approved so if we are concerned our only hope is that our Parish Council can persuade the County Council to consider traffic calming measures.

As County employ experts in Highway Engineering we should make use of their knowledge and experience rather than try to interpret Guidance Notes.

Although the issue has been raised at Parish Council the only reference I can find to any action is in the draft minutes of their 16th July meeting, where minute 1406 reads:

Traffic management – no replies from Email in circulation. Replies received from Cllr Iddon, LCC to parishioner GW.  Current budget proposals are not sufficient for traffic management measures at this time.

I have had no correspondence with Councillor Iddon about traffic management in the village and there is no visible indication of either how this decision was reached or who it was communicated from or to!  There is certainly no mention of it in “correspondence received”.

Graham Williams

4 thoughts on “20 MPH Sped Limits Part 3”

  1. Having read the Minutes of that meeting Graham (I wasn’t there), Was it Cnlcr Iddon to whom you addressed your email re the potholes?

    If so that would make sense of the Minutes.

  2. Yes, I got an answer in two replies. I then volunteered as the Parish pot-hole czar in order to help residents make their complaints. I have since resigned from this role.

  3. After reading the minutes of Arkholme and Gressingham PC meetings over the past few months and being informed by Cansfield residents that they are very unhappy about the speed of traffic through the village, it is clear that some sort of coordinated representation should be made to the local authorities to assess the urgent need for traffic calming measures in the area.

    The average speed cameras may have a positive effect on the other side of the valley however just transfer the issue to the B6254 which is a far narrower road and utilise by slow traffic such as farm vehicles and cyclists.

    I cannot see why immediate coordinated action is not taken by the PCCs and get the Highways Agency in ASAP before there is a fatally – this should be the number one priority – what is stopping this happen?

  4. At the moment I am working on a new section for the Village Website adding a significant amount of information about the Dawson Greene family.

    This, of course, starts with Thomas Greene (V) MP who built the existing Whittington Hall during the 1830’s.

    I have just come across this comment In Copeland’s book on Whittington Hall:

    “The Hall’s construction was not without some opposition. The new drive to the Hall incorporated part of what had customarily been used as a by-pass of the village by those travelling the road to Hutton Roof. Once this had again become firmly private the longer public road route through Whittington village had to be used and, naturally, this caused a murmuring discontent.”

    It would seem that the 1830’s was when the problems of traffic through the village first became a matter of concern.

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