Rabbi Lionel Blue

I want to give massive thanks to Rev. Micheal Hampson, in his capacity as editor of Wagtail, for reminding me of some of the wonderful broadcasts made by Rabbi Lionel Blue, on BBC Radio “Thought for the Day”, as I drove to work in a morning.

His voice, demeanour and attitude to life, I always found uplifting. Very few clerics can get their message across, and make you smile at the same time especially at some ungodly hour in the morning.

At the 2010 Sandford St Martin Trust awards – Rabbi Lionel Blue was given a special personal award for religious broadcasting – most notably his contributions over many years to “Thought for the Day” on BBC Radio 4. This is his response to the award, shown on video at the ceremony at Lambeth Palace. You can watch him on YouTube at:this link, and I urge you to do so.

In Wagtail Micheal was speaking about the Lent Book Group readings of Lionel Blues book “My Affair with Christianity”.I am sure that Shirley at the Library in Kirkby can put you on the waiting list.

If Wagtail has not popped through your door then check this months out at  Wagtail – February 2018.

John Keegan


Gerald’s February Blog

What a happy afternoon we had at the pensioners Christmas lunch. The meal was beautifully prepared and served along with all the usual festive trimmings. After the meal we were entertained by the school children singing Christmas carols. Thanks must go to all the ladies who help prepare and serve the lunches. They really do a first class job.

We really owe a great deal of thanks to all the people involved in getting the bus service reinstated, to John and Duncan and our local councillors who have put enormous pressure on the County Council to fund and support the service. I am sure all those people who use public transport will be so glad to see the return of the local bus.

Many years ago when the church boiler was coal-fired the ashes were spread on the footpath across the Crofts. This winter, the gateways that the footpath passes through have become very muddy and very difficult to navigate in normal shoes. Would it be possible to have a barrow-load of hardcore tipped in each gateway?

The next dance at the Village Hall is on Saturday 3 February when Denis Westmorland will be providing the music for dancing. A very enjoyable night is guaranteed.

Gerald Hodgson