Joy is Unconfined

Whilst jogging up Church Street It came to my attention that the County Highways Repair Santa Claus has visited the God-fearing folk of that Bonnie thoroughfare and has sprinkled his fairy dust into the potholes.

Actually, somebody told me about this splendid matter, because I couldn’t find my jogging trainers.

I am glad of this good news before winter sets hold. What disappoints me a little however is that nobody sought out this Blog to spread this good news. After all, we are speedy enough when a measure of gloom and despondency is called for.

Just saying!

The community thanks those souls who’s efforts and agitations helped to bring this about.

John Keegan

Dragons Head Disappointment

It is disappointing to learn that the Dragons Head is up for sale.

The notice of the sale of the property says –

“The premises comprise the former Dragons Head Public House which is in need of refurbishment, a detached barn and additional land with consent for the development of three terraced houses arranged over three floors.

The pub is in need of refurbishment. Plans have been obtained for its conversion and expansion. The barn has planning consent for conversion into a three bedroomed detached property arranged over three floors whilst the site has consent for the erection of three terraced houses. Plans are attached for the proposed works to each phase.

We seek £520,000, plus VAT on the pub element. Our clients will consider a disposal of each element in isolation as follows:-

Public House – £150,000 plus VAT
Barn for conversion – £100,000
Building plot for three terraced houses – £270,000″

I’m not sure how the current Planning Permission would be impacted by the sale of the site in this piecemeal manner, particularly as the permission was granted on the basis of specified preparatory work being carried out on the pub before anything started on the development of the site.

For once I am unable to find words to describe my dissapointment adequate,y.

You can view the complete sale prospectus at this link.

John Keegan