Remembrance Sunday

The Parishioners who decorated the Church in preparation for Memorial Sunday are to be complimented. Their efforts have beaten the efforts of the elements.

My father died in 1946. When I was six years of age

He was Sergeant in our local Volunteer Regiment. The reason he wasn’t actually on the front line was because of the damage to his lungs as a result of the gas attacks on our trenches in WWI.

Many people who would have fought in WWII couldn’t, because of the injuries they suffered in “The Great War”.

The War memorials we respect this weekend commemorate those who died in WWI and WWII.

It is left to families to remember those that the war killed, many years later. And to ensure that our children do not forget the sacrifices that this Country has paid to prevent other European Countries from dominating Europe, and in particular, our Great Britain.

John Keegan