2019 General Election

I remember on the 19 October 1964 getting into the lift in my office in 37 Peter St. Manchester when Lord Poole, Chairman of our Co, and Chairman of the Conservative Party, stepped in and joined me in the lift.

I was a mess. I had just spent 24 hours as the Liberal Party Agent, fighting the 1964 General Election, which Harold Wilson won, ousting the Tory Government of Sir Alec Douglas Hume.

To this day I can recall Oliver Poole staring at me for a good minute or so then saying “By any chance do you have another tie Keegan?” My response, as I looked down at my tie and realised that I was wearing a Liberal Party tie whilst stood in front of the Chairman on the Tory Party, who had just lost the General Election to Harold Wilson, “was certainly Sir Oliver, It’s in my desk drawer”.

Nearly 20 years later I had dinner with Harold Wilson in the Fleece Hotel, St. Helens. HW was a marvelous fund of political stories. You could easily sit and listen to him all night. At some point, I slipped in my story of the first election of Harold Wilson. – I remember HW looking at me and saying that “Oliver Poole was one of a long line of honourable Tories. We, in the Labour Party have a lot of catching up to do.”

John Keegan

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