Kirkby Brass Band Competion.

I make no apologies for repeating the  following message which I posted on Facebook this afternoon:

“Maureen, Duncan and I had Sunday lunch in the Royal sat at a table on the front window, and able to watch every Brass Band March down Main Street being adjudicated before they turned into the Market Sq. to play their test pieces, The highlight for the three of us was a little girl, no more than about 8 years of age, wearing a HiViz jacket, on the back of which was the message KIRKBY LONSDALE BRASS BRAND – STEWARD, – She stood in Main St. stopping the traffic whilst the bands marched into the square.

There is something about Brass Bands that still, in this day and age, enables the younger generations to empathise with them. There isn’t much else that we oldsters love that still appeals to the younger generation. But Brass Band music seems to be one of them*

John Keegan