PC Website

Today, 20th June 2019, is the sad occasion of the last day of the Whittington Parish Council, PCC and Village Hall Website.

Graham Williams and I would like to acknowledge the sterling effort that Jim Williams made, against a tide of lethargy, to make the Site a success. At the time of its inception, I remember two others promising to assist Jim in this task. In the event, no useful contribution was ever forthcoming from them and Jim was left to battle on alone – Not an unknown level of “assistance” in this our village.

When I first, in 2004, constructed my website for the village, it was an act of love for the historical aspects of our community. I make no bones in confessing that it was largely because of the efforts of Gerald Hodgson and his Historical Society, and the work they did in promoting the exploits of the Rev. John Hodgkins and the inventor William Sturgeon.

That site grew at a considerable rate and currently comprises 516 HTML Pages and 420 Images.

In addition to the news, it also carried the PC Minutes, something that I dropped when the 2011 Local Government Act made it obligatory for Parish Councils to make their official documents available on the WWW.

However. In January 2015 I started the Village Blog, Which became an outlet for people to air their, not always welcome, views on matters pertaining to the village. Currently, the Blog averages 18 visitors a day. Maybe not massive, but reading the Blog you would be forgiven for thinking that the number of visitors rarely exceeded three or four.

That single action brought about the first public meeting to be held in the village, other than the Annual Assemblies and Meetings regarding the future of the Dragons Head.  40 people attended the meeting, on the 20 March 2017 which saw the formation of Jims’ PC Website, intended for people to support the PC.

All that remains is for Graham and I to thank Jim for soldiering on alone for the last two years and apologise that the support he was promised never transpired.

John Keegan & Graham Williams (Agitators #1 & #2)