Gerald’s July 2019 Musings

For some reason, Geralds Musings did not appear in this months Wagtail. I am delighted therefore to include them in this Blog, as Wagtail is taking its summer break. (John Keegan)

My friend Denis Westmorland walked around the village on Monday taking  photos to add to his collection of Cumbrian village photos he has collected over the years, first stop was at the village pump “does it work” he asked I said it did when I overhauled it twenty five years ago and after about a dozen strokes of the handle out flowed a stream of rusty water not anything you would want in your morning coffee. He carried on walking around taking more photos before heading home to Southwaite where he will edit them and put them on a DVD he hopes to show them when he comes to play at the next dance on September 7th

My Arkholme folder has been passed around the village for the last month I hope the people who have seen it have enjoyed reading its contents, I slipped up I should have included a blank page asking for comments or questions, at the meeting I addressed I seemed to create some interest in the village I grew up in 80 years ago.

How well the birds have sung this summer we seem to have a constant recital all day long the blackbirds and thrushes and the small wrens joining in all seem to be in a contest to see who is the best, long may it last. I saw my first swallow in the village on May 26th since then it seems to have taken up residency on my tv aerial I think it must have a nest close by.

The dance in June was a great success the dancers attending had come from far and wide some had come from Carlisle and Penrith others from Silsden, Skipton and Gargrave yet more from Longridge Ulverston and Kendal, as usual, I was the only person who attended from Whittington, I helped start Whittington dances back in 1967 and their reputation has grown over the years and I have only missed attending a very few in all that time.

Gerald Hodgson

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