A cautionary tale

Today Kirkby Lonsdale Coach Hire rescued two young girls who were abandoned, by Stagecoach, in Ingleton.

The girls caught the 12:15 No. 80 bus from Lancaster, arriving at Ingleton at 13:21. They both bought return tickets.

The Stagecoach driver neglected to tell them that when he turned round to return to Lancaster he was the last bus of the day between Ingleton and Lancaster. Never the less he still sold them return tickets.

What is quite ridiculous is that there are two more No. 80 buses, the 14:15 and the 17:15 from Lancaster to Ingleton but they do not return until the following day because both drivers live in Ingleton and they park their buses their overnight.

Knowing that there were two later buses to Ingleton the girls could be forgiven for believing that they would be able to return later the same day.

Fortunately, KLCH does have four buses between 15:58 to 19:58 to assist stranded Stagecoach passengers. Unfortunately, they cannot use the return portion of their Stagecoach tickets.

I am told, on reliable authority, that this is a frequent occurrence.

It would seem that Stagecoach runs the 80 services for the convenience of their drivers, not their customers.

Duncan Foster & John Keegan
The Lune Valley Bus Action Group