I am grateful to Jim Williams for the following information which he has provided in respect of the QEStudio project.

This is a matter that is close to my own heart. When I took the 11+ I elected to attend our local Secondary Technical College, rather than our Grammar School. I went on to undertake an apprenticeship, and attend day release and night school. in order to obtain an ONC, HNC, in mechanical engineering. At night school I also took German and became a Probationer of the RIBA and an AMIMechE. I went on to become MD of the very company where I started as an apprentice. QEStudio seems to me, to be a much welcome provision at QES that emulates, in a modern setting, the route that many at the top of British industry followed, years ago.
John Keegan

The new QEStudio Building

“QEStudio gives pupils the option to study technical qualifications, rather than the more traditional academic route that QES offers. QEStudio works closely with professional partners to give pupils the skills they need for the workplace, or for a route into apprenticeships or further education.

Pupils move into QEStudio in Year 10, or Year 12 for 6th Form. QEStudio has been open since September 2017, with classes being taught on the QES site while the new building was being constructed. The new QEStudio building will be completed in the next few weeks and there is an Open Day on Saturday 5th October for anybody interested in seeing the new facilities.

For more information on QEStudio, please see http://www.qestudio.org.uk/

Select this Link Community Launch Open Day Invitation to open a PDF version of the Invitation to the Open Day Launch

Jim Williams

Speeding in the Village

The Parish Council welcomed our newly elected City Councillor, Stewart  Scothern, to their Monday evening meeting, at which discussions on the vexed subject of the speed of traffic through the village was on the agenda.

Following the meeting, Colin Hall and Stewart have had an interchange of Emails which, hopefully, will progress this topical issue a little further. Colin has kindly provided me with copies of their interchange, which reads as follows:

Wed, 17 Jul 2019, Colin Hall  wrote:
To: Stewart Scothern
From: Colin Hall
Subject: Re: Parish Council meeting Whittington

Morning Stewart
It was good of you to attend Monday evening and I would like to thank you on behalf of the Parish Council.

We are grateful that a line of communication has been established so quickly and look forward to working together in the future.

Colin Hall

Wed, 17 July 2019 Stewart Scothern wrote:
To: Colin Hall
From: Stewart Scothern
Subject: Re: Parish Council meeting Whittington

Thank you for the email. I have just sent an email to the county councillor about attending your meetings and I have also asked her to discuss the issue of the speeding through your village. I have requested a meeting with the appropriate people, your council and myself so we will await the answer from her.

Stewart Scothern 

The Minutes of the proceedings of the meeting will be placed on line at Parish Council Official Documents as soon as they become available.

John Keegan