The upcoming Bulbfest


Copy of Email from the Chairman of the Parish Council to the Honorable Member for Newton (Farming Division)

Evening Malcolm

As you probably know volunteers are scheduled to have a mass bulb plant throughout the village this coming weekend and it has been suggested that PC use the contact details collated by you a couple of months ago, to further awareness of this event

Can we do this yet without upsetting anyone or breaching data protection protocols? (JK- Yes BCC the recipients)

Everyone meets at 9.30 Sat am. Village Hall allocated responsibilities and off by 10 am.

We do need as many participants as possible!

John can you reiterate on the blog!


Colin Hall

Speeding in Whittington

Graham Williams comments, as follows, on the thorny issue of traffic passing through Whittington.

“For some time, residents have been concerned about the problems resulting from traffic through the Parish, particularly on Main Street and Church Street.  Although the Parish Council has raised this issue regularly the highways authority has so far failed to make a satisfactory response.

The PC has decided to make a further attempt and to this end has set up a small working party with Colin Hall as chair.

The problems arise for a number of reasons;

Road geometry, on Main Street there are three bends with very poor sightlines where large vehicles are forced to cross the white centre line.

Adequate continuous footpaths do not exist and if pedestrians are to follow a footpath they would need to cross the road frequently.  Further major parts of the path will only serve single file traffic.

The working party believes that a number of photographs exist of traffic accidents in the village, if you have such a photograph can you please contact a member of the working party, or if the image is digital please send it to Graham Williams at Email Graham.

Whittington in Bloom

Hi all,

The bulbs have arrived all 11,000 of them plus free of charge 500 crocus bulbs, pots and compost for the Village children. 😬😬.  I have given 500 to Jayne at Newton who will get on with planting the verge opposite her house towards Whittington.

I wanted to propose our first planting meeting on Saturday Morning 26th October at 09.30. Whittington Village Hall to allocate the planting areas and projected planting as I am sure we will not get them planted in one day, however if anyone has the urge to plant beforehand then please let me know.  It is imperative that all our volunteers are kept safe.

Could you please spread the word, I will try and get some flyers printed and posted.  Simon will be strimming the sites over the next couple of weekends.  I will be providing refreshments and hope to get some help from the ladies of the WI.

Any help no matter how big or small will be really appreciated.

Please bring spades trowels, high Vis Vests and gloves if you have them.  If anyone has extra please bring them along.

In the famous words of Strictly come dancing……. lets get planting.