TheTail of the Cat

Most of you are aware that Simon and I are the proud owners of two very healthy and active dogs. We also have building work busily underway and will have for some time to come.

In the midst of this, we have a frequent visitor, a cat (sans tail), who I am sure is the pride and joy of a local resident somewhere in Whittington.

However, with the combination of our dogs and the building work I am worried that the cats nine lives will be rapidly dwindling if it continues its predatory perambulations around our garden.

If you know who the cat belongs to please ask them to try to reduce it’s extraterrestrial meanderings, just in case it joins the Monty Python Parrot.

Caroline Raistrick

Emergency Services

The advantage of living in a metropolis like Kirkby Lonsdale is self evident . In the rural community, we do not get the same level of emergency services. We have to go to the Post Office in the Village Hall, on a Thursday, for our Emergency Contraception.

I am intrigued by the remark “Lets understand the next steps”

Any suggestions as to what the next step recommendation would be, would be welcome.

John Keegan