The following is an open email sent by Colin Hall, Chairman of Whittington Parish Council, to Stewart Scothern, City Councilor representing Whittington on Lancaster City Council:

Good afternoon Stewart

I’m having to get you involved as City Councillor because despite our best efforts action to tackle a serious problem here in Whittington is not forthcoming.

You may recall that on entering the village from the south a sharp left hand bend is encountered, is flooded on a regular basis and more worryingly causes traffic to travel on “the wrong side of the road”. This of course leads to regular near misses in wet weather and will eventually result in a serious road traffic accident. A frustrated Parish Council regularly report this issue to the appropriate agencies to no avail especially as the obstacle could easily be rectified. Some years ago a new culvert was installed to tackle the flooding but unfortunately a continued lack of maintenance and cleaning leads to the surface water returning!

In the last 3 months there have been 3 road traffic accidents on this corner all attended by Traffic Police. Anecdotal evidence suggests that near misses occur on a regular basis especially in inclement weather. It seems to the PC that the least Highways could do is clean the culvert (and dispose of the debris) as a matter of urgency before serious injury occurs.

I have this morning attended a meeting with Community Emergency Coordinator and flooding in this area was by coincidence on the Agenda and now also falls into the Whittington Emergency Committee remit so I will also copy this correspondence for their information .

Can you you use your influence to get anything done?

Best regards

Colin Hall