The Greenwood Family.

We have received this very interesting email from Jim Williams.

“Whilst walking my dogs the other day, I let them have a run around the small wooded area at the end of the long walk (where the dog bin is). Strolling around, I noticed something sticking out of the ground and found that it was a plaque to commemorate the planting of the trees in celebration of the birth of Edward David James Greenwood on 17th August 1988. “





Looking around, I noticed that several of the trees still had their supports that would have been used when they were saplings. Sadly, it seems that they weren’t often tended in the first few years. You can see the effect of 30 years growth in the attached photos.”

Jim Williams

I would like to thank Jim for his comments and photo’s.  I can’t find a record of when ownership of Whittington Hall transferred from the Greenwood family to Lord Reay and his family. I suspect that these trees were still saplings at that time.

John Keegan

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