Tour de B6254


I am reminded that we are now approaching the cycling season. Soon, we will see hoards of Lycra-clad athletes pouring through the village mounted on their £4,000 mounts.

This image, recently posted on Facebook, is quite appropriate, me thinks!

John Keegan

2 thoughts on “Tour de B6254”

  1. John there is not really a cycling ‘season’ as us dedicated bikers go out in all weathers.

    If happiness, freedom, fun and healthy exercise are drugs then I plead guilty.

  2. You are right of course Mike.

    On one occasion last year I was cycling back from the Village Hall to Loyne Park. I had my bottle of Ambulatory Oxygen on my back and my cannula up my nose.

    Then, I was passed by a group of half a dozen “proper” cyclists, each one of who turned around and gave me the thumbs up (probably because I was cycling with an oxygen bottle on my back).

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