A near Miss

Graham Williams has sent me this photo, taken immediately outside the entrance to Whittington Farm.

His image shows a lengthy skid mark, caused, quite obviously, by a heavy goods vehicle, as it met the KLCH 582 bus from Kirkby Lonsdale to Lancaster, in the very centre of the village.

I would point out that anyone walking on the pavement past the home of Theresa and Simon Speight, at the time this occurred, would have been in for a rude awakening.

It always struck me as a ludicrous proposition to grant Planning Consent for 17 homes, where the entrance to the site was on one of the most dangerous bends in the Village. Grahams image suggests that I may have been right.

Frankly, I dread to think what will happen when the building work at the old school is completed and numerous vehicles need access in and out of the site, on this even worse, blind, corner, the scene of a number of accidents in the past, including a Stagecoach bus destroying the safety railing that protected footpath users at one time.

John Keegan

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  1. The lorry actually missed the Speight’s by 12 inches (or 30 cm in European terms) and would have wiped out anyone on the pavement. The lorry carried on and as JK mentioned and I have major concerns, the line of sight on that corner is poor and any development is asking for problems.

    The speed of vehicles through the village is of a major concern and with the speed cameras on the other side of the valley more motor bikes and vehicles will be using the B6254.

    We do need traffic charming measures in the village both on Main and Church Street as soon as possible before there is a fatal accident and would plead with the PCC to actively pursue these before it is too late.

  2. The question of traffic speeds through the village was raised at last year’s Parish Assembly, April 30th, when the question of traffic speeds through the village was being discussed John K recorded that:

    “GW Then, one item for the Agenda is that the Parish Council write to the County Council saying that the service we are getting from the Highways Department is not good enough. CH I think Gillian did but I will put it on the Agenda for the next PC Meeting.”
    I have looked at the agendas and minutes of subsequent PC meetings but I can find no record of correspondence or even discussion of the issue.

    Sadly, I feel that Michael’s plea will fall on deaf ears.

    Interestingly, since my first photograph, a number of skid-marks have been added adjacent to Simon and Theresa’s house.

  3. As a result of comments and photos on the blog, I have instructed the parish clerk to include the subject of traffic calming measures on the next PC agenda in May

    In addition to that, I have asked for comments from councillors by the end of this week as to the PC’s response to the obvious concern of residents regarding this latest incident. Following this response (and hopefully with your help) I would like to use this incident to eventually engage the appropriate agencies, be it the police, highways or Lancs CC and convince them that despite the lack of serious accidents the potential for one warrants action sooner rather than later.

    John do you mind putting something on the blog (Jim is indisposed) and possibly creating a rumpus via our MP.

    Collin Hall, Chairman Whittington PC.

  4. The question of speed restrictions/traffic calming, and so on have featured in these pages for some time. At one point I catalogued the references that have been Minuted by the PC. There have been 24 instances that the PC have discussed this issue, between 2004 and 2016.

    It has to be said that there are differences of opinion regarding the possibility of having a 20 mph speed limit, or introducing traffic calming measures. I concur with Graham Williams when he suggests that we should have a definitive (updated) response from whatever authority is responsible for such decisions.

    The PC was told, back in 2004, that a 20 mph speed limit was not possible. However, so much has changed in the intervening years that a further approach is probably inevitable.

    I had read the article in The Visitor, which mentioned that Peter Williamson, our representative on the City Council (and attendee at our PC meetings) has been deselected, and will not be standing at the upcoming local elections. I regret that this has happened. Peter has been an exceptional Councilor, and well supported by his wife, Phillippa, who is a County Councilor. This is a matter that Peter would have provided stalwart support with.

    Colin suggests appealing to David Morris, our MP. I will indeed pen a missive to David but past experience suggests that he always fights shy of becoming involved in matters concerning the County Council. Indeed I am not totally sure as to exactly what support I can appeal to him to assist us with. I would love to hear from anyone who has suggestions as to what our MP can do to help us.

    In the meantime. This Blog is open to your suggestions. I will pass them on to Colin and colleagues, to help inform their deliberations.

    John Keegan

  5. Graham has reported this traffic hazard to the County Council, with little joy. However, it is another impediment to traffic flow through the village.

    When a vehicle has to use the wrong side of the road, on a blind bend, then all is not well.

  6. Hi All,

    Not sure that signs reducing the speed limit will help. It is each drivers responsibility to ensure they drive with due care and attention and pre-empt any ongoing hazards. As we all know parking in the village is at a premium, however if people without off street parking placed their cars outside their houses then this would naturally slow down drivers, I have evidenced this personally when one of the cottages on Main Street parks their vehicle outside their address, vehicles slow down and some actually have to stop till it is safe to move on.

    The activity on the new development might actually slow vehicles passing through the village down.

    Additionally John you make comment about the development work at the school, the access to and from the sight is right on a blind bend and provides a clear and unobstructed view either way down Main Street. There will be less traffic in and out of that sight than there was when it was the builders yard. The current owners are doing a fantastic job restoring and renovating it.

    On a separate note there is a Parish Assembly due soon for the residents of the Parish to attend and voice their concerns about a number of issues, this isn’t an opportunity to moan but to provide constructive discussion and solutions to problems affecting the Parish.

    Again on another separate note, the new owners of the school have restored the school bell, residents may hear it ringing every now and again and it is lovely. The maker of the bell made Big Ben!

    Misses R

    1. When Halls were based at the Old School, their staff parked behind the Village Hall, not on the site.

      What concerns me is the sight line for vehicles entering the site, not for those leaving, as they have a better sight line.

  7. Morning John,

    I take your point and from that perspective it is valid, but that entrance has always been there and there would have been large trucks delivering skips, materials etc, so no different for the current development. Maybe we need a bypass.

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