Whittington Christmas Party 2019

On behalf of the Parish Council may I say a great big thank you to everyone who set up, attended and enjoyed the Christmas Party on 15th December.   Thanks first to the Village Hall Committee for all their work in preparing the childrens’ party, the mince pies and mulled wine, to Father Christmas for breaking off from his busy schedule to attend and distribute early presents, to all who attended and brought baubles making a splendid show on the Christmas Tree.   Hopefully, this will become an annual occasion  and we look forward to our next village event in 2020.

A very Happy Christmas and a Healthy New Year to everyone.

Iain Sutherland

2 thoughts on “Whittington Christmas Party 2019”

  1. Well done to the PCC and village hall for giving everyone a wonderful Whittington welcome. It was fantastic to see so many residents. Wishing everyone a great Christmas and brilliant 2020.

  2. Way back in the 1970’s children’s Christmas party was usually the first weekend in January, I don’t know why but maybe the village hall was booked up in December.

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