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Maybe I have complained too much about things in Whittington not being what they were when we arrived,

In the main I have blamed the Parish Council but on reflection I recall how much others had a massive input. The Queens Diamond Jubilee in 2012 is one example. Firstly the kids sports on the Dragons Head Field:Then the afternoon tea in the Village HallFollowed by the Brass Band ConcertThen a Hog Roast in the evening (the Bar will be open and raffle tickets will be on sale)The next day there was a wonderful service at St Michael’sAnd, just to top up events, the Beacon was lit by two of the nicest blokes you would ever wish to meat, Lord Reay, and Sir Tim Kimber, (known by everyone as “the husband of Lady Sue Kimber”).  Sadly Tim died on the 04 December in the 60th year of her Majesties reign.Sadly Lord Reay followed Sir Tim in May of the following year. He  left one of the most lovely ladies in the vicinity, Lady Victoria . Anyway – back to the Beacon. Those that struggled from Sellet Hall to the summit of Sellet Bank (having already consumed various libations)  enjoyed a magnificent sight:We have Alan Blackburn of Loyne Park to thank for all of these pictures.

It’s sad that in this day and age, when nearly everyone carries a phone that takes pictured (except me) no one thinks to share them with their neighbours via this blog.

Please (please) email photo’s and a little description to whittingtonvillage@btinternet,com

John Keegan

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