Andreas Reichmann

We have received the message below, all the way from Germany. Can anyone who was around in 1988 remember who lived at 2 Croft View in 1988. Who had the pub in those days? If you have any information, please let me know.

John Keegan

Hello to all,

I`m from Germany and 30 years ago I have spend 3 weeks in the pub and my friend and me have had a great time there. 2 days ago I came back to the Dragons Head try to find out if I can find some people who I met in 1988 there.
After our time there in the pub (I was there with Andy and we came there with 2 motorbikes) all the people in the pub gave a farewell party for us. The party was organized by the 2 girls, I think one was Amanda, and her mother was a teacher. They lives at the two croft view house at the main street.
When I stood on Saturday before the pub I saw that the pup is closed. No one lives in Amanda’s house anymore.
Can someone else remember? Can someone else remember? It was just a great time and I would have liked to meet Amanda and her sister.
Greetings from Germany
Andreas Reichmann

That fund of information, Gerald Hodgson, supplemented by Phylis Pinch has provided some valuable information. The mother was Sarah Blundell, and she taught at Ripley School in Lancaster,

In fact they actually lived in Holker House, next door to 2 Croft View Cottages, The daughters were Amanda and Louisa.

Both Gerald and Phylis tell me that the family moved to Claughton, to that cottage that has the old railway signal box in the garden. The house stands on the railway line which was removed by Dr Beaching.

John Keegan


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