Annual Parish Assembly

The following item appears on the Parish Council supported Website.

“Annual Parish Assembly

Update: a further plea from the Parish Council for agenda items for the Parish Assembly. Last year there were no items on the agenda – it would be a shame if this were the case again.

Original post: The Annual Parish Assembly will take place on Monday 21st May 2018 at 6:45 pm. This is an open public meeting and will be followed by the Annual General Meeting at 7:30pm and then a Parish Council Meeting.

If any parishioners have agenda items for the Parish Assembly, please can they let Gillian Hodgson (Clerk to the Parish Council – email know by Monday 7th May 2018. “

The correct title for what we have always referred to as” The Parish Assembly” is in fact “The Annual Parish Meeting”.  It is a meeting of THE PARISH and NOT a PARISH COUNCIL MEETING.  As a result different rules apply. AND IT SHOULD NOT BE HELD ON THE SAME NIGHT AS THE Parish Council Annual Meeting.

One of the features of this meeting is that burning issues in the Parish can, at the will of the parishioners (not the Parish Council) be addressed.

Another feature of this meeting is it’s ability to invite people, or organisations, who have held a key role in decisions taken by the PC, and/or effecting the villagers, to participate and share their part in the decision making process with the people to whom they answer, or provide a service.

Clive Grunshaw – Lancs Police & Crime Commissioner – Our servant!

Number one –  (in my opinion) is the County Police and Crime Commissioner. – PACT (Police and Community Together) no longer exists. We have descended from having six visits every month, plus attendance at the bi-monthly Parish Council Meeting, to the police equivalent of a drive by shooting, during which they shoot through the village periodically, speak to no one, stop no where and do no good because very few people even know they have been (or even why they bothered coming). Our PC should invite the (elected) Police and Crime Commissioner, to participate in our Annual Meeting to explain the role he feels they now fill in our lives.  He could of course send a ranking official in his place.

Number two – There have been endless debates, including at last years Annual Meeting, on the subject of speeding in the village. At one time or another SpID’s, speed bumps, chicanes and a twenty mile an hour speed limit, have been hot topics for debate at PC meetings, on this Blog, and among concerned Parishioners.

Lancashire Speed Bump

Our esteemed PC have written, to no avail, to the people at County who have their fingers on this hot topic.  They have never responded in a manner the parishioners deem worthy.  They should be summoned to send a representative to our Annual Meeting, to explain the Counties position and exactly where our village stands.  It is likely that we will not appreciate what the representative has to say, but at least we will have the view from the speeding horses mouth.

Finally. – The PC had our local First Responder address one of their meetings to explain the importance, significance and operation of a local Defibrillator. The PC, ably supported by our Village Hall Committee and the British Heart Foundation, are going ahead with the provision of such a device, at the Village Hall, available to everyone in an emergency. I would dearly love to see the wonderful character who gave his address to the PC meeting invited back to address the village on the significance of this device and the important part it will play in our lives.What I have described above is the essence of what a Parish Annual Meeting is supposed to be.  Not a dry as a stick committee meeting with a Chairman telling everyone how wonderful the PC has performed,.  There is a place for that, it’s the Parish Council Annual Meeting. Which MUST be on a different night because it serves a totally different purpose, and different rules of behaviour.

I sincerely hope and trust that the PC re-think their plans and introduce a spark of life, and hopefully interest, into the proceedings of the PARISH ANNUAL MEETING.

John Keegan

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