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Whittington’s Best Kept Secret

Earlier this year our Parish Council decided that it would improve communication with its constituents by setting up an official parish website.

The web site, would you believe, is now up and running with just a few “trivial” issues in relation to the need to improve communication.

Firstly, how does it improve communication with residents who are not computer users.  Do we even know how many there are?

Secondly, which of the Parish Councillors is responsible for overseeing the web site.

Thirdly, who is responsible for keeping the website up to date.  I believe that the work on the Hutton Roof Road was completed in June accordance with the published timetable but is still shown on the web site.

Finally, Wagtail which I have just received makes no mention of the website, so how are residents even supposed to know of its existence?

So much for improved communication!

As to the events section on the web site – seeing is believing.

Graham Williams

(P.S.  For those who want to view the Parish Council supported website, the address is )

Please ensure you include the .uk otherwise you will re redirected to the website of an evangelical church in Illinois USA – John Keegan)

Elephant Hawk Moth

Someone once said “Fly like an elephant, sting like a bee”, or something approaching those words.

Even it’s mother must find it difficult to love this giant creature which I recently discovered in our garden.  It’s mother refers to it as Deilephila elpenor but it is known as the Elephant Hawk Moth because it’s caterpillar resembled the trunk of an elephant.

Elephant Hawk Moth

The caterpillar is easy to see but the moth, although common in the British Isles,  is nocturnal and therefore less commonly seen in the garden, even when they are flying around (between May and August.

Graham Williams
(Resident Ornithopterist)

Who Cares? Update

Since my original post I have noticed that action has been taken in some of the areas I highlighted.  This is an improvement.

Unfortunately due to temporarily impaired mobility I have not been able to revisit all the areas I photographed.  For the same reason I have been unable to take a photograph of the garages at the bottom of Hosticle Lane which have been pointed out as an omission from my original post.

I also commented on the work done on the derelict buildings at Low Hall and suggested that recent improvements had been made as a result of comments made at the Parish Assembly.

While this may be true, the action actually followed the intervention of Lancaster City Council after their attention had been drawn to the unsafe state of the buildings.  I have been unable to determine who brought the question to their attention.

While some work has been done at Low Hall the areas adjacent to the lane are both an eyesore and potentially dangerous with a high risk of fire.

It is always possible that the Parish Council may discuss this question at its next meeting  on 19th July.

Graham Williams