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At the recent Parish Assembly the condition of the buildings and “play area” alongside the track at Low Hall was raised as an issue of concern.  Sadly the Chairman of the Parish Council ruled that the PC was powerless to take any action about the buildings, however he agreed that the title of the land occupied by the defunct play area and tennis court needed to be established, although he also had doubts about the ability of the PC to do anything positive in relation to this land.

The excellent photographs on the village website prompted me to reflect on the condition of other areas of the village and in the process to take these photographs to highlight the extent to which the amenity and attractiveness of the village has declined.

Surprisingly, given the Chairman’s pessimism someone has started to clear up the buildings at Low Hall.  It will be interesting to see how far they progress.

Children’s Play Area
Prize Winning Tennis Court
Low Hall Barn

Since these photographs were taken a good fairy has made a start by clearing a small area of weeds by the telephone box.  More good fairies needed.

Village Hall and BT Telephone Box

Dragons Head
Whatever the merits or otherwise of our esteemed City Council’s decision not to grant planning consent we are still left with what is rapidly becoming a decaying eyesore.

I could have included other illustrations but I feel that it would have been unfair on the households in question.

It used to be a pleasure to walk along the long walk

Gate on footpath between Church and Main Street

Old School.
As John Keegan has pointed out, given the reasons put forward for refusing the Planning Application for the Dragon’s Head, it seems odd that planning permission has been granted for three dwellings and parking for nine cars at the Old School.

Of course the eyesore will remain for the foreseeable future
Graham Williams


Recent Community Members

On his web page John makes the observation “Relatively recent member of our community . . .”

I take this to imply that there are lengths of residence qualifications which should be adhered to, maybe even a hierarchy, say after 6 months allowed to write to Parish Council.  Has this been published or do “new” residents only find out by default?

Graham Williams

A Lighter Note on Hedgehogs

Where have our hedgehogs gone?

Over the last three years we have become aware of visiting hedgehogs in our garden.  They have been great at clearing up scattered bird food and delighted to eat high quality hedgehog food.  If not seen they left quantities of sticky black waste.

But they were not in evidence last autumn and have failed to put in an appearance this year to date.  I have seen no sign of squished hedgehogs, so has anyone seen them?

Graham Williams