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Arrows over Cumbria

The Red Arrows frequently appear somewhere in our area, or flying through on their way somewhere else but this video taken in flight over the lakes is superb.

I remember rock climbing on Hutton Roof Crags, with my grandson on the end of 110m of 9.1mm rope, when the Red Arrows passed over our heads, less that 100ft above the Crags. I ducked down and my grandson dropped a couple of feet until I stood up again.

This recent video, copied from Twitter, brings many moments back to me.

John Keegan

Your Opinion

Over the last week or so there has been a lot of media comment about the dress codes adopted by certain cultures within the Islamic code,

Specifically this has come about because “Boris” likened women wearing the Niqab to letterboxes and bank robbers.

The media have picked up on that, and added the Burqa (which totally covers the face) as a mode of dress to question.

In Lancaster the Burqa is seen fairly rarely, but the Niqab is quite common.

I would be interested to hear the opinions of people in our community on the degree of acceptability of the Niqab.

1). If you had an interview with your child’s schoolteacher, who was wearing a Niqab – Would you feel comfortable?

2). If you were to be treated by a Doctor/Nurse or Consultant, wearing a Niqab, would you be comfortable?

3). If a person wearing a Niqab collapsed on the street, and you were a qualified first responder would you know how to approach resuscitation?

You can simply enter Yes or No in the comments box, or go into more detail.

We are a rural community who have little contact with ethnic minorities. In a sense that makes us special because we have no developed, pro or anti, prejudices. Therefore it is my belief that our view is important.

John Keegan

What a Burqa he is.

The current hiatus that Boris Johnson has caused over the headwear worn by the women in some cultures, occasioned me to determine a definition of the various common types. This image makes it quite clear:

I have discovered that the wearing of any of these forms of headwear is not required by any Islamic tenet.  It is a function of the culture of a very few Islamic countries. Even there, in theory, the choice lies with the individual.

What Boris said was that, in his opinion, women should wear what they want . He went on to refer to women wearing the Burqa, to looking like letterboxes or bank robbers.

Probably an incautious remark but, as Jacob Rees-Mogg, that master of the measured phrase, said: – “Boris has defended peoples’ right to wear the Burka, whilst saying it was ”an inelegant garment. Neither of those two proposals are unreasonable”.

Any way, we don’t get too many around Whittington.

John Keegan