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Penny Mordaunt

Before the recent hiatus over misbehaviour of staff in the charitable sector, I had never heard of Penny Mordaunt the Secretary of State for International Development.In the space of a week I have become singularly impressed by her no nonsense approach, no punches pulled position, opposite Oxfam and their fellow charities.

As the daughter of a paratrooper, and the only female MP who is a Royal Navy Reservist I have a feeling that she is one of the women, including a few from the other side of the House, who we will hear a lot about in coming years.

Here is a snippet from Wikipedia,  Judge for yourself:  In 2014, Mordaunt became only the second woman in Elizabeth II’s reign (the first being Lady Tweedsmuir in 1957) to propose the loyal address in reply to the Queen’s speech from the throne, and made reference to Tweedsmuir’s comments about wanting more female involvement in Parliament. Mordaunt remarked “I have benefited from some excellent training by the Royal Navy, but on one occasion I felt that it was not as bespoke as it might have been. Fascinating though it was, I felt that the lecture and practical demonstration on how to care for the penis and testicles in the field failed to appreciate that some of us attending had been issued with the incorrect kit.

I’m a Liberal, but she seems like my kind of girl.

John Keegan

The Merchant of Venice

I went to the all boys Newton-le-Willows Secondary Technical College.
The year that my class (2J) performed the Merchant of Venice, Portia (him on the right in this picture) was a 14 year old, 6ft tall Scouser.

Portia in the Merchant of Venice

Remember – we were 14 at the time. If a 6ft tall, 14 year old wanted to dress as a woman, who was going to argue with him?

If you switch your scouser headphones on you will hear the words “The quality of Mersey is not strained” Of course Shakespeare intended that the word be Mercy, but again, even Shakespeare wasn’t going to argue with a 6ft tall, 14 year old, scouser?

John Keegan

All that glitters is not gold!

Sometime in the early 80’s I bought a Doctorate from, what was then, Bombay University, using my AMEX card and influence through the British Embassy and my ex employer Lord Cowdray, he of polo fame.

The Gateway to India, Bombay (now Mumbia)

Why? I hear you ask. Well at the time our Engineering Design Director was Dr. Ray Taylor.

Ray pi**ed me off by always insisting in being referred to as Doctor Taylor. So, whilst in India negotiating a multimillion pound contract I took the opportunity to purchase a Doctorate at Bombay University.

The following Friday, at our weekly Directors Lunch, our Chairman, Vin Carr announced that henceforth I was to be referred to as Dr. Keegan.

The following Friday, whilst partaking of suitable Directorial Aperitifs, I advised my Board colleagues that henceforth I would prefer to be referred to as Mr. Keegan.

Ray is the miserable one with the beard.

At this point, with a degree of glee, Dr. Taylor asked if I had decided that my Degree lacked intellectual merit. My response was both considered and measured.

I advised Dr. Taylor that following a two week period of being a Dr. I felt that, with my considerable experience over many years, I could now be considered a Specialist, therefore a Mr.

Needless to say there was considerable hilarity.  It was many years later that I learned, because I had one living next door, that it is Members if the Royal College of Surgeons that are called Mr. not mere Specialists.  They remain doctors. Ah well!! You can’t get everything right.

After all, I am still a Doctor – trust me!!

Dr. John Keegan