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Whittington in Bloom

Good Morning All,

As the days get longer it is now quite noticeable how successful the bulb planting has been.  As the green stems are appearing it makes me smile and I am bursting with pride for all the work we did as a team and for those of you who also went it alone.  I cannot wait to see the daffodils bloom and to move onto our next project.

I am hoping to arrange a meeting soon (if I have the support) to have a village open garden event in late June or early July.  This will entail people of the Parish giving the paying public access to your garden.  No matter how big or how small throughout the Parish we will need about 20 in total.  If you would be prepared to open your garden for the day between the hours of 11 am and 4 pm will you please let me know.

I will be approaching the Village Hall to assist in providing afternoon tea and taking an entrance fee for a ticket.  Additionally, I hope to link in with the PCC to see if they can assist with supporting this event through the church.  At this time I have the support of the Parish Council.

Come on Whittington in Bloomers lets get our village on that floral map. 🌹🌻🌼🌷🌸💐🌺


Bauble Party

Sunday 15 December

  from 3 PM onwards (alongside the Children’s Christmas party)

Get to know your village neighbours by coming to the village hall

“Bring a Bauble party”

There will be Mulled wine and Mince pies. You can donate a classy Christmas Bauble to help decorate the village hall tree and mingle with each other, there will be plenty of people to make the introductions to anyone you do not know so come along…

its free

plus, the bar will be open


Te deum laudamus

Te deum laudamus “In God, we praise” our bulbs to raise.

A  big thank you to those who have helped over the last few weeks. Below are a few who made the last final push up at the T Junction at the very top of Church Street, and we have put some crocus near the large Church door behind us.

A very big thank you to all those who helped from 

Caroline and  Simon.

TheTail of the Cat

Most of you are aware that Simon and I are the proud owners of two very healthy and active dogs. We also have building work busily underway and will have for some time to come.

In the midst of this, we have a frequent visitor, a cat (sans tail), who I am sure is the pride and joy of a local resident somewhere in Whittington.

However, with the combination of our dogs and the building work I am worried that the cats nine lives will be rapidly dwindling if it continues its predatory perambulations around our garden.

If you know who the cat belongs to please ask them to try to reduce it’s extraterrestrial meanderings, just in case it joins the Monty Python Parrot.

Caroline Raistrick