Babies and Bathwater

Anyone reading the comments on the blog relating to the affairs of the Parish Council could be forgiven for thinking that relationships between some residents and the Parish Council have broken down.

What is so sad is that to date the Parish Council seems, at best, to have totally ignored the situation.

Recent exchanges have demonstrated that there is no point in trying to resolve issues by conducting a debate through the Blog.  The only sensible way forward must be for our PC to accept that the situation is rapidly deteriorating and that they have the responsibility for trying to defuse it.

A possible starting point would be for the PC to examine how far it meets the legal obligations placed on it.  In no way can these be seen as petty bureaucracy.  The rules have been established in order to protect both residents and Councillors.

They are set out in the “Good Councillors Guide” which is a government publication and can be found at: This Link

Obviously not everyone in the Parish has access to the internet and as the guide has 68 pages I will not be rushing to print copies.  However, it is an official document so it is quite possible that one of the Parish Councillors or the Parish Clerk has a copy which they would be prepared to lend.

The Parish Council is also required to have in place a “Code of Conduct” which individual councillors are expected to follow.  Whittington PC has adopted the Code followed by the City Council which can be found from: This Link.

I have forwarded this post to the Parish Clerk with a request that it be discussed at the next meeting of the Parish Council.

Graham Williams

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