Bacon Butty!!

Graham has brought to our attention, on more than one occasion, the lack of communication around the village.

He has sent me the following photo as an example. If you do not walk past the Village Hall you would have no idea that there is to be a special event on New Years Day.

He also brought to my attention that despite the Village Hall having its own website, and indeed its own Facebook Page, the event isn’t advertised on either.

John Keegan – On behalf of Graham Williams.

One thought on “Bacon Butty!!”

  1. Since posting Grahams observations, above, about the “butty” event at the Village Hall on New Years Day I have been surprised by the number of comments that people have made to me about the lack of use being made of the “Events” page on the Combined PC, PPC, Village Hall Website, very ably administered by Jim Williams.

    Many of you will remember the Public Meeting, held in the Village Hall, in March 2017, in response to criticisms of various aspects of village life, on this Blog.

    At that meeting, it was decided to establish an “Official” website, so that the Parish Council, the Parochial Parish Council and the Village Hall, had an outlet to publicise their events and efforts.

    Jim Williams, Kate Midgley and Pat Close volunteered to set up such a website. Unfortunately, since the site was established all the work has fallen on Jim’s shoulders. It would seem that he alone has undertaken the weight of carrying out all the work, single-handedly.

    What disappoints me is that Jim has not been supported by the remainder of the village, despite members of the Village Hall Committee, as one example, participating in the Public Meeting, they have not supported Jim by feeding information on Village Hall events, such as the New Years Day butty event for inclusion on his website.

    Let’s all make a New Years resolution to support Jim by feeding notices of village events to him and making use of the village amenity which he so ably provides.

    John Keegan

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