Bit of a Rhum do!

When you email a close friend and ask him to consider any items he would like to have included and the Agenda for the Village Annual Parish Meeting you tend to forget that he is a “Extra Mature” Student, therefore keeps Uni vacation periods.  I give you below, and without comment and observations, his reply:

I fly out to Barcelona on the 27th April so will not be able to make the meeting, back on the 17th May, then heading up to Rhum to assist in the annual red deer count, then across to Cairngorm to assess this years brood of eagles!

Hopefully will be around town this Friday.”

I suppose I will have to settle for meeting up for a drink on Friday, or is that the day I am assessing the annual migration of Brazilian Bullfrogs through Arkholme?

John Keegan

One thought on “Bit of a Rhum do!”

  1. I Canna believe it, someone from Whittington going to the Small Isles. I just hope that no-one gets Muck or Eigg on their face.

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