Blackeyed Friday

As Maureen and I left Avanti, at 5:30 pm yesterday we met a young lady, coming from the direction of SPAR.

“She remarked to me “It’s a madhouse in there”

For a minute I thought she meant SPAR, then I realised that she was referring to another of our hostelries of choice, Plato’s.

Avanti had been full since we arrived at 2:30. Girl’s Christmas Lunches at the start and lads works outings at the end. (We had the Chicken, Chorizo and sweet Chilli Pizza + Pinot Grigot + Pinot Grigot).

The whole of Kirkby was jumping.

We were glad to get home, that’s because of our age,  but nothing quite jump starts the Christmas period as Blackeyed Friday does.  It takes me back to my teens years.

For the sake of marital harmony, I will not mention the names of Whittington blokes in Avanti, when we left, John.

John Keegan

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