Graham (among others) is disenchanted with the lack of enthusiasm shown in our Community – for practically anything.

Periodically in the past, someone heavily criticising the PC and or the VH Committee has occasioned a degree of ire. The PCC (with the grace of God) has escaped any criticism, with the possible exception of the state of the War Memorial (which has now been ably attended to).

So – Being conscious that the arguments surrounding Brexit are raising temperatures throughout the Nation I decided to Post here an email which I have sent (on my own behalf) to David Morris, our MP.

I am hoping that some of you are prepared to use this Blog to let the Village know what your opinions are. After all. 1). It matters and 2). Where else can you vent your spleen (Except Twitter and Facebook, and I have already done that). My email reads as follows:

Dear Mr Morris,

I appreciate that your inclination is to support the PM in tonight’s vote.

As one of your constituents, I would like to impress upon you that Leaving the EU is of critical importance in your Constituency. That is the decision we gave you in the Referendum.

Whether Theresa May remains as PM is, regrettably, irrelevant, except that if the “Backstop” cannot be removed then the only option is to leave without a deal.

I ask you to remember that the Referendum Options where 1). Accept the EU/David Cameron Deal and Remain – OR – 2). Reject that Deal and Leave.

The Government chose not to define any conditions of leaving, and that the Government and Parliament, were the only ones capable of laying down any leave terms, NOT the Leave Campaigners. Therefore the decision to leave was unconditional. We leave.

Best Regards

John Keegan

4 thoughts on “Brexit”

  1. Thank you for your view on Brexit John, I can only agree with your remark that it has divided the Nation ……..
    I do not see a happy end to this crazy initiative to carve us back out of the EU!
    Despite all else, a weaker and divided Europe is exactly what is wanted by Trump and Putin and in time they may prove to be behind much of the engineering of misinformation spread by the ERG, which has already been proven to have been sponsored illegally by self interested parties.

    For your information, I include a copy of my most recent letter to our MP;

    “……….Dear Mr Morris,
    thank you for your reply, whilst I very strongly disagree with any form of Brexit not only for the act itself but also the manner in which “the People’s decision” was determined. But I have reached the conclusion that at this juncture voting against the Brexit deal will only make matters worse so I have come to think a positive vote at this stage is correct.

    It does not change my view on Brexit though and the dishonest and self interested reasons behind the move and for this reason I will continue to fight for reuniting the U.K. with the rest of Europe inside the European Union.
    I am disappointed with politicians who grabbed the results of The Referendum and saw this as their (mindless)instruction to tear the U.K. apart and out of Europe. I expect our MPs to temper the voice of the electorate with informed reason to work toward what is best for the Country. I equally expect now when questioned in the hard times ahead MPs will blithely refer to the Referendum and say “…..well you brought it on yourselves!….”.
    MPs have a higher responsibility in our Society……..”

    It is clear that a second referendum based now on the facts we possess would result in a Remain vote, this is well understood by the ERG who will not entertain such an informed public vote because it will work against them. It is certainly not out of democratic principles as we know from the timely Conservative Party vote of confidence yesterday. I find the bare faced hypocrisy of the ERG who will not now accept the result of their Party MP’s referendum an expose of their blatant self interest, they care little for the U.K. , it’s voters or you and I.

    Unfortunately this is all happening whilst we have no serious opposition in Parliament, the only voice with any sincerity, understanding and sense of responsibility to the welfare of her electorate appears to be Nicola Sturgeon!
    Dark days indeed!

  2. For my sins, I was Chairman of the Cumbria Liberal Party, and the Carlisle Liberal association, at the time of the 75 referendum.

    I spent a good deal of time with Willie Whitelaw, MP for Penrith and the Borders, as well as Minister of State for Northern Ireland at that time because we were joint Chairman of the YES campaign in the North of England.

    As a Liberal, I was very pro the EEC (Common Market), EFTA. and the Iron & Steel Community. However, the UK was never given a choice about joining the Political Union, that became the EU.

    The structure of the EU is not democratic. Too many key roles are by appointment not election. They have been endeavouring to reform themselves for ten years, to no avail.

    The ECJ is governed by the Napoleonic Justice Code, not Common Law which is central to UK justice. Our Courts can, and do, interpret British Law as laid down by Parliament, and tell the H of C when they are wrong. The ECJ is the direct opposite. They only follow EU Law and never question it, even when precedent has already proven against it.

    Finally, the EU freedom of movement regulations has increased immigration by 1 million+ every four years. That has impacted the NHS, Schooling, wages and housing. and was in my view the primary driving force behind the nation’s rejection of the EU/David Cameron’s Deal that formed the basis of the Remain Campaign.

    It was the Government’s task to define the Leave conditions, all of which was spelt out in the leaflet that cost the taxpayer £9m to push through peoples letterboxes. The Leave Campaign were charged with highlighting the advantages possible when we leave. They were never in a position to implement them. That was down to Parliament and the Government. If the Government failed in its duty to inform that cannot be blamed on Leave.

    The referendum choice was simple. 1) Accept the EU/Cameron deal and Remain (under the deal conditions), or 2). Reject the deal and leave WITH NO DEAL. – That was the choice that the nation made. – Leave without a deal.

    John Keegan.

  3. John, this week has been an embarrassment for the uk. The MPs should look at the recordings of their behaviour in the House of Commons and frankly be ashamed. If is were a group of 10 year old children they would be seriously reprimanded; and these are the people supposingly representing us.

    The MPs do not appear to understand that they are the servants and we, the people, are the masters. They need to reflect the will of the people in their constituencies and if this is leave or remain then they should vote accordingly. Do your jobs.

    Morris is a waste of space and I have written to him on a number of occasions and he has never replied- what is his job and why are we paying for him and the others when they are not carrying out their responsibilities.

    I am at a loss and my vote has no home, I will not vote for Morris as he is clueless, I will not vote for Corbyn as he will take us back 40 years and the Liberals are nowhere to be found. The best option appears to be the Monster Raving Loony Party!!!

    What a sorry state of affairs we are in.

    Anyway Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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