Bulbs will brighten us up.

I am currently in the process of securing funding to purchase spring bulbs and wildflower seeds for planting around the Parish of Whittington.

If you would be interested in being part of a Community Planting Group around the Parish of Whittington then can you please contact me.  This will hopefully be part of a longer term activity to make our villages full of colour and wildlife.

I intend to hold a meeting in the Village Hall once funds are raised and I know how many people would be willing to take part. The scheme is to plant Spring Bulbs, daffodils, crocus, tulips and snowdrops in September 2019 in the first instance.

Contact me via email: Whittingtoninbloom@gmail.com

Thank you very much.

Caroline Raistrick

The School House

PS:  would love people from Newton and Docker to be a part as the planting will impact on them. 😀

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