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That scourge of wayward bus planners, Duncan Foster, has determined a series of errors in the bus timetables published by Lancaster County Council and repeated at various bus stops. The following is an email sent to a selection of influential parties to see if the errors can be corrected.

“There are anomalies in the published timetables for the Stagecoach 81 Service and the Kirkby Lonsdale Coach Hire services 582 and 81A, between Lancaster and Kirkby Lonsdale.

  1. Firstly: The timetable published by Lancashire County Council, https://www.lancashire.gov.uk/roads-parking-and-travel/public-transport/bus-timetables/bus-timetable-service/?service=LAAO081A for the KIL 81A service: This timetable shows a, Mon to Sat, 17:50 service from Kirkby Lonsdale via Whittington, to Lancaster. This service is also shown on the timetables displayed on the bus stops down the route. The service does not exist and has never existed. The same timetable also shows an 81A service from Lancaster at 07:45 on a Saturday. This service actually operates as a KIL 582 service rather than an 81A.
  2. Secondly: the timetable published by Lancaster County Council, https://www.lancashire.gov.uk/roads-parking-and-travel/public-transport/bus-timetables/bus-timetable-service/?service=LAAO081 for the Stagecoach 81 service. The timetable shows a 7:45, 81 service, Mon to Fri, from Lancaster, arriving Kirkby at 8:40. In fact, this service leaves at 7:35, arriving at Kirkby at 8:30 and runs 5 minutes earlier at all other stops along the route. The timetables displayed at the Booths and Market Square stops in Kirkby Lonsdale, show a service leaving at 18:20 passing through Melling to Lancaster. This service does not exist and never has done. There are a number of recorded instances of people waiting for this nonexistent bus.

Unfortunately because of the errors mentioned above, together with the errors contained in the timetables displayed at various bus stops, there have been many recorded instances of people missing buses or waiting for buses that in fact do not exist.

The people on the Arkholme, Whittington bank of the Lune were extremely relieved when the County Council arrived at an arrangement with Kirkby Lonsdale Coach Hire to provide a two hourly bus service, and now a couple of buses on a Sunday. We are trying very hard to persuade people to use the available bus service and improve its viability, but our efforts are thwarted by these timetable errors.

It would be helpful if all involved with timetabling at County, Stagecoach and KIL levels, worked jointly to correct, and thus protect, the services between Lancaster and Kirkby Lonsdale. We have also advised the very influential Lancaster Bus Users Group.”

Duncan Foster & John Keegan – Lune Valley Bus Action Group.

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