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Lancashire Fire & Rescue

Lancashire Fire & Rescue have carried out their periodic Emergency Cover Revue.  A copy was forwarded to our Parish Council, for consideration at their September meeting.

The Minutes of that meeting are not yet available.  Therefore we have no indication as to their deliberations.

However LFRS are asking for you views as well:

I have attached a copy of the document, in PDF format, for any of you who would like to have a more detailed look at what you will get for your Council Tax contributions to LFRS. Lancashire Fire & Rescue Leaflet

John Keegan

Where yer at!

I have, this evening, received advance warning of Duncan Foster’s intention to invest in the acquisition of a brand new Titfer.

Whilst we wait, in eager anticipation, for the arrival of this new item of sartorial splendour I will leave you to enjoy this short ditty:

Remember – you heard it first in these pages.

John Keegan
Satire, Satirical & Melody Editor.

Lune Bus Action Group

Duncan and I have circulated the email below to 14 local business together with 10 elected officials, including Local and County Councillors and our two MP’s, and our local media.  We have been delighted with the response we have received.  Lets hope that something can come of this.

“We have to accept that Lancashire are not going to consider evening and Sunday provision as they have said: “With the level of budget available it is proposed to retain a focus on Monday to Saturday daytime service provision and develop proposals to provide sustainable services that also prioritise employment, education and social needs”.

As far as evening and Sunday services are concerned the Service recommend as follows: “However the development of services at these times, when delivered in partnership with other stakeholders, such as local authorities or through the use of developer contributions, will continue to be considered, as they arise.”

At this time it is not clear what County will have in mind, but if we are to ever re-introduce, say the Friday and Saturday Evening services, which were so well supported by passengers visiting Kirkby and/or Lancaster, then clearly we will need to provide some evidence that the need is recognised by publicans, restaurateurs and businesses in and around Kirkby.

With that in mind we have decided to form an action group under the title Lune Bus Action Group.

We are writing to invite you to participate in this Group. We are not asking for financial support merely that you agree to accept communications, preferably by email, from us and when appropriate provide your views and suggestions.

We also invite you to involve any others who you believe will have a “stake” in the introduction of evening and/or Sunday services.

This Group will concentrate solely on obtaining Evening and Weekend service improvements. If anyone would like to be kept upto date regarding progress with the Monday to Saturday, daytime, schedules please let me know.

Best regards.

Duncan Foster & John Keegan
Lune Bus Action Group