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Come and meet HARRI near you!

HARRI is our health and wellbeing engagement vehicle, with it we are able to travel around Lancashire to talk with the local communities and individuals.

On board:

  • We engage with you; to share our ideas and plans for the future and to gain insight into what your need are.
  • We offer simple signposting, advice and guidance to offer the right help at the right time in the right place for you.

On board there will be a mixed group from within the NHS and beyond, which will enable us to offer you a wide range of information on many of the issues you may be facing, such as debt, quit smoking, diabetic DESMOND, Steady On, sleep difficulties, and much more. The vehicle includes a private consulting area with disabled access.

People can visit HARRI at various locations and events throughout the year in Lancashire. For HARRI’s schedule, see the reverse of this leaflet or Lancashire Care Face book and twitter accounts for the latest updates.

HARRI is one of the many ways Lancashire Care NHS Foundation is using to reach out to communities to promote positive aspects of mental health and wellbeing.

                   Venue                                                           Date                                       Times
Morecambe carnival                                Sat 10th Aug 2019 1                  0:00 – 6:00
Morecambe Central Promenade


HARRI is also available to hire for health events and campaigns. It is the perfect vehicle to promote local services to a wide audience in just a few hours, allowing services to highlight their initiatives, raise awareness and discuss concerns. If you would like to hire HARRI for your next event, please get in touch for costings and availability.

* Call us on 01772 695 365 to speak to one of our friendly support team
* Email us at

Where is this #2

Philip Storey of Arnside has commented on the original “Where is this” Post.

He has accompanied his comments with two images which, unfortunately, cannot be enlarged by “clicking” in a “Comment”.

Because I think that Philip’s observations are very pertinent I am placing the Images here so that anyone can click on them and view a full-size version in a separate window.

Let me know what you think.

John Keegan

A confusion of Whittingtons’

I copy, below, an exchange of emails that occurred today. No explanation is needed.

To: Whittington Web Site
I wonder if you could help.

Is the path between the golf course and the road going into Whittington a public right of way?

It used to be a very nice walk but is now really overgrown. I think the golf course used to keep the path clear but I am not sure.

Do you know?

I am trying to find out to get it cleared but need to be sure of my facts.
I would be grateful if you could offer any help or point me in the right direction.

Many thanks


To: Louise Branch
Hi Louise,
From Devils Bridge to Whittington the path is a public right of way. From Whittingto to Arkholme there is a short stretch that is not a ROW but permission to use the path has been granted as a concession by Newton Estates.

The ordinance Survey map shows a public footpath between Devils Bridge and Underley Grange. I assume that is the path you refer too.

Unfortunately nobody is responsible for maintaining Public Rights of Way. Normaly the landowner does that because it encourages people to stay off other parts of the owners land.

There is a discussion on this subject on the Whittington Village Blog  at:

You may find it, together with the accompanying comments, of interest.

Best regards.

John Keegan

To: John Keegan
Hi John
Thank you.

When I was looking for information I read your blog which you gave me the link too (very interesting).

I have seen This path being used by runners and trainees from Whittington barracks medical centre, but now you can’t get through it easily at all.

This is what it looked like this morning.

I will try contacting the golf course to see if they will cut it back.

Thank you for replying.


To: Louise Branch
Your reference to Whittington Barracks made me realise that we are speaking of two different Whittington’s.

Yours is in Staffordshire and ours in Lancashire, two miles from Kirkby Lonsdale.

We both have a nearby Golf Course. Confusing isn’t it?

John Keegan

To: John Keegan
Oh gosh I am sorry!

My first google brought up Whittington in Kidderminster as well!!!

Our Whittington Golf course is being cut in half for HS2.

Nice speaking to you anyway!


To: Louise Branch
No problem, Louise. Brought a bit of a laugh to an otherwise boring Saturday.

Best regards.

John Keegan