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Oyez, Oyez!

As John has noted, I have a passing interest in the issue of effective communication within the Parish.

In order to sustain and develop our community we need organised and effective communication, but who is making an effort to improve communication, indeed a better question might be “Who cares?”.

With their websites, John and Jim Williams make sterling efforts to keep people informed but their sites can only begin to be effective if the information is fed to them, and then only really effective if the information is available to every household in the Parish.

In relation to the first requirement, one only has to look at the “Events” section on Jim’s site, close examination reveals that there is nothing happening in the Village Hall in January.  There can only be two possible reasons for this, either there is nothing happening or the Trustees of the Village Hall don’t see the internet as being of any value in communicating with residents.

The second requirement is more difficult to resolve in that there is no simple way to establish who reads the websites and where they are situated, John has been able to obtain limited information about the visitors to his website.  While it is interesting to discover that his site is accessed from places such as Abu Dhabi, Brazil and Rumania it is impossible to determine which households in the Parish access his site.

More importantly, we do not know which households in the Parish have an active internet connection and if they do, whether they visit John or Jim’s sites.

Sadly, I cannot see a way forward and the Parish Council displays no interest in the question.

Graham Williams.

More Poo

The good Mrs Raistrick posted the following comment on another part of this Blog. I have taken the liberty of promoting it to a more prominent position in the earnest hope that whoever is responsible can make a resolution to improve their community obligations in the coming 2019.

“A plea to the village, there is an increase in dog poo around the village, don’t know why., however totally unacceptable. Please pick it up!

My husband empties the Village dog bin so I do not expect to walk outside my gate to be faced with a parcel of someone else’s dogs leftovers.

I will find out who they are and woe betide the wrath of my tongue and I will report to the environmental agency having picked it up and deposited outside your door!

Misses R”

Blackeyed Friday

As Maureen and I left Avanti, at 5:30 pm yesterday we met a young lady, coming from the direction of SPAR.

“She remarked to me “It’s a madhouse in there”

For a minute I thought she meant SPAR, then I realised that she was referring to another of our hostelries of choice, Plato’s.

Avanti had been full since we arrived at 2:30. Girl’s Christmas Lunches at the start and lads works outings at the end. (We had the Chicken, Chorizo and sweet Chilli Pizza + Pinot Grigot + Pinot Grigot).

The whole of Kirkby was jumping.

We were glad to get home, that’s because of our age,  but nothing quite jump starts the Christmas period as Blackeyed Friday does.  It takes me back to my teens years.

For the sake of marital harmony, I will not mention the names of Whittington blokes in Avanti, when we left, John.

John Keegan