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Te deum laudamus

Te deum laudamus “In God, we praise” our bulbs to raise.

A  big thank you to those who have helped over the last few weeks. Below are a few who made the last final push up at the T Junction at the very top of Church Street, and we have put some crocus near the large Church door behind us.

A very big thank you to all those who helped from 

Caroline and  Simon.

Emergency Services

The advantage of living in a metropolis like Kirkby Lonsdale is self evident . In the rural community, we do not get the same level of emergency services. We have to go to the Post Office in the Village Hall, on a Thursday, for our Emergency Contraception.

I am intrigued by the remark “Lets understand the next steps”

Any suggestions as to what the next step recommendation would be, would be welcome.

John Keegan

Spring in their Steps

The Whittington in Bloom Team were out on Sunday preparing to reveal a brighter Village when winter is over and Spring begins.

This Sunday they were at Crosslands, bounding up onto the banking and ballancing in a precipitous manner whilst plunging their spades into the fertile earth.

The thanks of the village must go out to those hardy soulswho have risked backache in this noble cause. Very many thanks.

Thanks to Simon & Caroline for the photo’s

John Keegan