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SpID Update

The Minutes of the PC Meeting held on the 29 March state as follows: “Re-evaluation of Speed Indicator Device due to concerns of residents. Statistics requested from Lancashire County Council from recent traffic volume and/or speed strips (under the Freedom of Information Act). Parish Champion Grant application refused, to re-apply in April 2017.

If the PC read the recent Planning Application for the Dragons Head they would see that seven day speed surveys were carried out at the Village Hall Bus Stop (04/09/2015 to 10/09/2015) and The Old Post Office (26/08/2015 and 02/09/2015).

At the Village Hall, the northbound speed was recorded as 28.6mph and southbound as 29.1mph.

At The Old Post Office, the northbound speed was recorded as 28.3mph and southbound as 29.4mph.

These figures are in line with the report presented to the Parish Council by PC Knowles in Jan 2008 when he reported that the maximum speed recorded during the seven day survey that the Police carried out was 32.8mph and the similar report in Sept 2009 when there were no recorded speeds in excess of 30mph.

This suggests that the “concerns of residents” results from confusing an individual’s perception of speed with actual speed.

It has been stated elsewhere that SpID’s have the effect of confirming to drivers that they are OK continuing at their current speed when they are driving within the legal speed limit when in fact they need to be encouraged to drive at speeds less than the speed limit.

John Keegan

Open Meeting Results

I am pleased to be able to report that the Open Meeting called to discuss the series of complaints, featured in the Whittington Blog, about various matters concerning the performance of the Parish Council, have now resulted in some positive actions.

The Minutes of the PC Meeting held on the 29 March report that the PC have now agreed to provide a £50 donation to Wagtail.  And about time too.

Another matter that pleases me greatly is that the PC decided to reduce the rent they pay to the Village Hall Committee to £100 “in line with many other Parishes.”  Chairman Eric Pelter and Councillor Barbara Atkinson declared an interest in this matter and did not participate in the discussion, or vote.  I have been pointing out, for a couple of years, the irregularity of Councillors voting on matters in which they had a well known interest.

The PC now needs to consider if it is acceptable to permit two Councillors to also be members of the Village Hall Management Committee.  A quorum of the PC is three.  There are only five Councillors, therefore if two Councillors are unable to participate in votes on matters involving the Village Hall and a third Councillor is unavailable to attend a meeting, there would be no quorum.  As the meetings are only held at two monthly intervals it seems to me that the number of Councillors that should be permitted to participate in Village Hall affairs should revert to the original one member that was called for under the 1994 Village Hall Rules.

I am also relieved to see that there are to be discussions about Parishioner’s establishing an Official Parish Council website and propose to include news and information from the Parish Council, the Village Hall, the Church, Wagtail Parish magazine and general village news. Costings and funding are to be proposed and discussed when confirmed figures have been put to the Parish Council.

I have gradually reduced the amount of news and activity content, together with the diary of village events, from the information contained on my web since it was introduced thirteen years ago because of the lack of participation from the Parish Council and others organising events in the village.  I have been forced to rely solely on information published in Wagtail, which is not a satisfactory state of affairs.

As soon as a Parish Council website is established I intend to remove everything other than the basic pages about the history of the village, Whittington Hall, walks around the village etc, including the historical photo’s and images.  I will of course, continue to publish Gerald’s Musings.

The Village Blog will continue exactly as it is, and continue to provide a vehicle for people’s views.

John Keegan

Open Meeting

This evening’s open meeting in the village hall went off very well indeed.  Forty or so Parishioners attended and the meeting was very ably Chaired by our District Councillor, Peter Williamson.

At the commencement of the meeting Peter announced that it was the intention to take a vote of those present, at the end of the meeting to see how many were in support of the actions of the Parish Council over the prior twenty four months and how many were not in support.

A lively discussion ensued, with questions being asked about the administration of both the web site and the Blog, and opinions being expressed about the contents of both.  There was a certain amount of confusion about the difference between these two resources.  Comments were also made about the lack of communication around the Parish.

Colin Hall made an impassioned summary of some of the recent events surrounding the PC with a frank admission to some of the shortfalls that they had experienced.  He was however quite sure that no matters of financial impropriety had occurred.

He then said that at the next PC Meeting he would propose a course of action, seeking assistance from outside resources, in order to see what could be done to eradicate anything that may have been the cause of disquiet.  This would include a 15 minute period of public participation at the commencement of each meeting.

The Chairman collected a number of names of people who were prepared to assist, including towards the possibility of generating a PC owned and supported web site.

Colin did say that he was considering tendering his resignation at the next PC Meeting.  This produced an overwhelming level of support for him to continue in his role.

The meeting ended with a vote on the substantive motion.  There were 38 in favour of support for the PC, 2 abstentions and 1 (me) against.

The meeting adjourned amicably.

Those were the Days

Whilst I was conducting a routine clean out of my Outlook Email Folders I came across the item below.  I think I’ll keep it, to bring back fond memories.

From: Gill Hodgson []
Sent: 17 July 2013 12:12
To: John Keegan
Subject: website

The Cllrs agreed with Mrs Carole Storey about the excellent website and thought a “pat on the back” was in order. Well done – keep up the good work.

Whittington Parish Council
Clerk Gillian Hodgson
6, Meadoway, Arkholme, Carnforth, LA6 1AT
Tel. 01524221814
17th July, 2013

Mrs Carole Storey
Meadow View
Moor Row
Dear Mrs Storey,
Many thanks for the postcard of The Church of St Michael The Archangel that you were able to send to the Parish Council. I have forwarded it to the Parochial Church Council, with a copy of your letter.
I have also informed the keeper of the website, Mr John Keegan regarding the “excellent website”. I agree, it is a very informative and interesting website that it kept up-to-date regularly and I am pleased you were impressed and felt compelled to forward the postcard to us.

Yours sincerely

Gillian Hodgson

Clerk to the Parish Council