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2019 Litter Picking

The Whittington Annual Litter Pick event is to be held at 9.15am, for a couple of hours, on Sat 23 March.

All equipment will be provided, as well as refreshments, at the village hall.

This is the fourth annual gathering ably organised by the Brigadier.and a great atmosphere on this occasion as well.

Last year over 100 black bin liners of rubbish was collected from the Highways and byways of Whittington so this is a very worthwhile event from which the village truly benefits.

Litter picking volunteers
Colin Hall – Whittington Parish Council.

Defibrillator Access

On Behalf of the Parish Council Colin Hall has asked for the following message to be posted as information:

Following the PC meeting last night it was agreed that the access code to the defibrillator cabinet be made available to residents if they feel that it would be beneficial.

To ensure that security of the equipment is not compromised it was thought prudent not to openly publish the code number but to ask residents to contact Colin Hall who will be happy to provide that information.

Of course when ringing the emergency services that number is immediately given but after the First Responder presentation several residents indicated that having that code to hand would useful.


Colin Hall
Tel: 015242 71865
Email: sellethall@hotmail.comĀ 

Village Defibrillator

Yesterday evenings defibrillator training event was a great success and extremely well attended, 35 people came!

It took the form of a workshop and involved all those present

First responders for area explained various techniques associated with the Defibrilator and its use.

Residents were able to question and be assured of the efficacy of the device.

Access to the equipment fully explained and any fears about using it allayed

David Reed, First Responder Coordinator for Whittington area, gave a Humorous presentation. (As he did at a Parish Council Meeting last year, which assisted the PC in coming to the decision to acquire the device).

There are vacancies for First Responders in our area. Anyone interested to get in touch with me

Very best regards

Colin Hall
Chairman Whittington Parish Council

Defibrillator Training

We have received the following message from Colin Hall. Let’s support the PC by turning up for this event. You never know when it may save your life, or the life of your loved ones.

Parish Council have arranged a session with our local first responder, David Reed, to demonstrate, present and indeed elaborate on our defibrillator now situate on the Village Hall front elevation

The venue is the Village Hall
Date January 10th (Thursday) 2019
Start time 7.30pm
Admission free
Refreshments at half time


Colin Hall