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Roy’s Rib Ticklers #11

A man sees four penguins walking on the M62.  Thinking there will be carnage he picks them up and takes them home. When he arrives home his wife asks what on earth he thinks he is going to do with them.

When he admits that he has no idea his wife suggests that he takes them to Chester Zoo.  Looking very relieved he dashes off to the Zoo.

Two hours later he returns, with the penguins following him into the house.  The wife says “What happened.  Why have you brought them back?” The man replies “Well, they enjoyed Chester Zoo so much I thought I would take them to Alton Towers.

Roy Williamson

Roy’s Rib Ticklers #9

Buffalo Bill goes into the Chiefs Tent. The Chief has one squaw sat on a massive Hippopotamus hide, and two squaws each sat on small deer hides.

Buffalo Bill says to the Chief “Is she your number one wife?” pointing to the squaw on the hippopotamus hide.

The Chief replies “Squaw on Hippopotamus equal to sum of squaws on other two hides”.

Roy Williamson