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Santa’s Trousers

There is normally a children’s Christmas party with a Father Christmas for the Village Children, generally mid-December.  Here is the problem.  The Father Christmas outfit is now outdated and Mr Raistrick actually split the trousers last year.  (I know, difficult to believe!!)

Santa, wheres your troosers

I have taken the liberty of buying a pattern and some new material for a modern up to date outfit, however, I do not sew.  I have approached the sewing club and they aren’t able to assist with the making.

I would like to plea, via the blog, to see if there is anyone in the Parish who would kindly make this up in time for the children’s party.  There is no money to pay for it but I will provide a nice bottle of wine and chocolates.  I have all the materials needed so there will be no expenditure just time.


PS: Please contact Caroline through the Blog Email address: or via a Comment on this Blog.


PC Communications

Communication in the community

At the beggining of August the Parish Council posted the following message on this Blog.

In order to enable the Parish Council to keep you updated on future Parish events, we are seeking permission to hold email addresses of village residents.

If you agree please email us on

This will enable us to keep you up to speed with news and social events in our parish.

Please include in your email permission for the Parish Council to hold your contact details. Be assured your email address will be used for Parish news and events ONLY.

There has been a good response to the PC’s plea but Colin Hall has asked me to remind those of you who have not yet contacted them that there is still time to do so.

Can I suggest that you include the following text (which you can copy and paste) in your Email

“I ….[NAME]…. confirm that my email address is as follows: …..[EMAIL]…., and that I agree to the Parish Council holding my details on record for the sole purpose of providing me with details of news and social events and matters effecting myself and fellow villagers.

(Optional) “My house address is ….. [ADDRESS] …..”

John Keegan

Sea Defences

This photo was taken by the daughter of Rt Rev Gordon Bates, one time resident of Loyne Park and retired Bishop of Whitby.

Maybe you need to be the same age as me in order to remember the coastal defences and air-raid shelters of WWII but in fact, we British have been building defences against European invaders since the Napolionic iEra.