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Woodland Invasion

J.D.J Braithwaite discusses his red squirrel conservation work and appeals for owners of woodland to come forward and support the initiative.

The stunning and ancient woodlands of the Lake District hide an on-going battle from a formidable foe.  The non-native grey squirrel arrived in Lakeland around the early 1990s and now has a stronghold throughout the region.  This is worrying for a host of reasons, perhaps most notably because this part of the country is also home to our native and endangered red squirrel.  Sadly these two species cannot really co-exist as the greys can carry the squirrel parapox virus to which they themselves are immune but it is fatal for the red squirrel.  Red squirrels were once commonplace in the Lune valley but in many regions, they have long since gone.

A large part of modern Red Squirrel conservation involves the humane removal of the Grey Squirrel from our woodlands.  Volunteer airgunners like me make a significant contribution in this regard.  A modern airgun is an ideal tool for the humane removal of pest species like the grey squirrel.  Modern airguns are highly engineered and precise.  They are ecological (only firing a single pellet) are near silent and highly discrete.  A lot of my woodland shooting occurs around pheasant pens, free range poultry, near horse paddocks and livestock – animals which remain undisturbed when such a quiet tool is discharged.

The stunning woodlands of the Lake District.  The grey squirrel has been a resident (and problem) in our woodlands since the early 1990s.  Urgent action is now required.  Can you help?

I currently run and am part of conservation projects in west Cumbria (Eskdale, Ravenglass regions) and here in the Lune Valley area.  My projects in the Lune valley region began in 2018 and since that time I have removed over 200 grey squirrels in total (from five separate woodlands).  The success of this particular local project is largely due to the support I have been given by farmers, landowners and estates that are located close together – meaning I can cover and target a host of neighbouring woodland areas.  As a consequence, I am able to maximise my footprint in restoring balance in the area and preparing the woods for the return of the reds.  These types of projects will always be more successful because of this – but they are wholly dependent on landowners coming forward and supporting these projects by giving permission for access to their woodlands.

A grey squirrel on a feeder placed in local woodlands. They are a major problem in our woodlands damaging trees, songbird populations, and driving out our native red squirrel.

Approach & Methodology
The removal of any pest species must be respectful, humane, and effective.  For grey squirrels the most effective method is to place ‘feeders’ in the woodlands to attract them into the area and get them stationary.  Wildlife trail cameras can be placed facing the feeders which will capture all visits to it and provide important information on squirrel numbers and feeding times.  This information is then used to guide decisions for effective control.  I make visits to the feeders to top them up with peanuts about once a week which also allows me to keep a general eye on things in the woodland.  To assist my conservation work I will utilise technologies like the latest in thermal imaging which can help greatly with monitoring and spotting wildlife of interest.  All sightings (even if red squirrels show up) and culls are recorded in a spreadsheet and returned to squirrel conservation groups who collate information at a county based level.

Can you help?
I am currently appealing to local landowners who might be interested in supporting similar projects in their woods.  If you own woodland or know someone who does, I’d be delighted to discuss what could be done for you to help our red squirrels as much as we can.  Please spread the word.

A wildlife trail camera is placed monitoring grey squirrel visits to the feeder. As well as providing valuable information on local wildlife and serving as a security device, these provide data on feeding times and guide the fieldsman with regards planning the next session.
A modern air rifle equipped with a telescopic sight, sound moderator coupled to a hand-held thermal spotter make this an effective combination for the discrete and humane removal of grey squirrels from our woodlands.
For my serious conservation projects, I use the latest in thermal imaging technologies to help locate the species I’m seeking to target. This helps to optimise my efficacy in the field.

Here we can see the thermal heat signature of a raptor (Buzzard) and two grey squirrels sat tight watching on. Grey squirrels take to the trees when threats are present and detected.
Success is possible with effort and support. Here a red squirrel is photographed returning to woodland due to the significant reduction in grey squirrel numbers. The presence of the reds is a fragile one and one that keeps me busy throughout the year.

I have over 35years experience of hunting with air rifles.  I am a fully insured member of the British Association of Shooting and Conservation (BASC) and have written for their publications and Blog.  I have also written for national airgun magazines (Airgun Shooter) and have recently authored the book “The Airgunner’s Companion: A field guide to hunting with air rifles” (Quiller Publishing)I currently run projects on stately estates, manor houses, farms, small holdings and private dwellings.  I would like to invite local landowners in the Whittington and surrounding area to come forward and support conservation projects through the humane removal of pest species by contacting me and discussing options for setting up a respectful, discrete service for them.   I am a volunteer enthusiast and my time is given freely.

If you feel you could support a project in your woodland please contact me to discuss it further.

Dr Jason J  Braithwaite
.Mobile No: 07751302572.     

Roy’s Rib Ticklers #12

Roy has reminded me of the Poem which he kindly donated to the Blog, back in May 2018. It is probably the appropriate time of year to give it a further airing.

True Love

Oh for the love of a beautiful maid,
For the love of a staunch true man,
The love of a baby unafraid,
Have been there since time began.

But the love of loves, the greatest love,
Greater than that of a mother,
Is the wonderful, caring, infinite love,
Of one drunken bum for another.

2019 General Election

I remember on the 19 October 1964 getting into the lift in my office in 37 Peter St. Manchester when Lord Poole, Chairman of our Co, and Chairman of the Conservative Party, stepped in and joined me in the lift.

I was a mess. I had just spent 24 hours as the Liberal Party Agent, fighting the 1964 General Election, which Harold Wilson won, ousting the Tory Government of Sir Alec Douglas Hume.

To this day I can recall Oliver Poole staring at me for a good minute or so then saying “By any chance do you have another tie Keegan?” My response, as I looked down at my tie and realised that I was wearing a Liberal Party tie whilst stood in front of the Chairman on the Tory Party, who had just lost the General Election to Harold Wilson, “was certainly Sir Oliver, It’s in my desk drawer”.

Nearly 20 years later I had dinner with Harold Wilson in the Fleece Hotel, St. Helens. HW was a marvelous fund of political stories. You could easily sit and listen to him all night. At some point, I slipped in my story of the first election of Harold Wilson. – I remember HW looking at me and saying that “Oliver Poole was one of a long line of honourable Tories. We, in the Labour Party have a lot of catching up to do.”

John Keegan

Santa’s Trousers

There is normally a children’s Christmas party with a Father Christmas for the Village Children, generally mid-December.  Here is the problem.  The Father Christmas outfit is now outdated and Mr Raistrick actually split the trousers last year.  (I know, difficult to believe!!)

Santa, wheres your troosers

I have taken the liberty of buying a pattern and some new material for a modern up to date outfit, however, I do not sew.  I have approached the sewing club and they aren’t able to assist with the making.

I would like to plea, via the blog, to see if there is anyone in the Parish who would kindly make this up in time for the children’s party.  There is no money to pay for it but I will provide a nice bottle of wine and chocolates.  I have all the materials needed so there will be no expenditure just time.


PS: Please contact Caroline through the Blog Email address: or via a Comment on this Blog.