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Damian Waterhouse SGFA

For many years I have chatted to Damian Waterhouse while the pair of us have propped up various bars (in our relaxation time it has to be said) around Kirkby Lonsdale.

I have always admired his artistic work, particularly the high quality cards depicting scenes around Kirkby Lonsdale.  In fact Damian presented me with a pack of Christmas Cards last Friday, for which I am extremely grateful.

I have a vague knowledge of Damian’s background but was surprised to read the article about him which I found on the website of the Society of Graphic Fine Art.  The following extracts are from the site:

“Damien Waterhouse was elected to the Society of Graphic Fine Art in 1992. Born in Lancaster in 1955, he showed early artistic talent and sold his first prize-winning painting at the age of 12. After leaving school he worked in the design studio at Standfast/Courtaulds, Lancaster, preparing artwork for engraving purposes in the production of fabrics.

Damien began to specialise in pen and ink drawings of notable buildings and views around Kirkby Lonsdale, a picturesque market town in the Lake District, and Liverpool, which was European Capital of Culture in 2008. In the early 1990s he had two solo exhibitions at the Liverpool Artists’ Club. He also produced a series of drawings, with watercolour, of the flora and fauna of Bequia in the Grenadines. His sister Rosie Waterhouse has set up a business Basilica-art to sell reproductions of the original drawings in the form of signed, mounted prints, greeting cards, postcards and notelets. These are available for sale through the website”

The Old Pilot Building, Albert Dock, Liverpool
The Monument Kirkby Lonsdale
St Lukes Church Liverpool

St Marys Church Kirkby Lonsdale

It’s quite a pleasant experience to be able to claim to have a mate who has such prodigious talent.  I can thoroughly recommend visiting Rosie’s website of Damian’s work at  I was particularly drawn to his images of Liverpool, which I have never seen before (the artwork, not the City).  It is well worth visiting the site.

John Keegan


Elephant Hawk Moth

Someone once said “Fly like an elephant, sting like a bee”, or something approaching those words.

Even it’s mother must find it difficult to love this giant creature which I recently discovered in our garden.  It’s mother refers to it as Deilephila elpenor but it is known as the Elephant Hawk Moth because it’s caterpillar resembled the trunk of an elephant.

Elephant Hawk Moth

The caterpillar is easy to see but the moth, although common in the British Isles,  is nocturnal and therefore less commonly seen in the garden, even when they are flying around (between May and August.

Graham Williams
(Resident Ornithopterist)