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Safety of Children

We have received an email from Sue Williams.  It is extremely apropos the current interest in road safety and I am delighted to be able to include Sues message below:

Yesterday afternoon Graham and I were driving into the village from Arkholme when we were confronted by a child cyclist doing “wheelies” in the road.  He was clearly oblivious to the danger he was putting himself in.

 With the days drawing out and the Easter holidays approaching could any parents whose children ride a bicycle remind them of the dangers of playing on the highway.

Sue Williams


garden_waste_bannerI would like to draw everyone’s attention to the need for villagers to register with Lancaster City Council to pay a reduced rate of £30 instead of £37.50 to have a green bin emptied.

This comes into effect in April 2017. In essence, if you want your green waste collecting it will be done fortnightly but it will cost a yearly sum if you don’t register then your green waste will not be collected as of April 2017.

There is a comprehensive Q & A page but there are no concessions that I can see. You can attend the recycling sites such as the one in Carnforth for free, however, if you do not drive and therefore do not have a car then you must pay for green waste collection, not sure how green efficient it is to drive on a 24 mile round trip. Oh and the fee is per bin and not per household, so you can share a bin if you like. They will not pick up surplus green waste alongside your bin if it is full when they collect. Thanks.

Misses R.

You may find the following links, on the City Council Website, to be useful.
Introductory Page.
Collection Dates App for Mobiles & PC
How to subscribe