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V.E Day Advance Notice

The following message from Simon Raistrick. on behalf of the Village Hall Committee and Whittington Parish Council, echos a similar, email, message circulated by the Parish Council

” Friday 8th May 2020 is the 75th Anniversary of V.E. Day, Whittington PCC and  the Village Hall committee would like to mark the occasion with a special event held in the village, various ideas have been mooted but it is felt by both that such a special event requires consultation with the residents to discuss and then agree what you would like to happen on the day.

To that end an open meeting will be held at 7.30pm on Tuesday 11 February at the Village Hall where everyone can bring their ideas and a plan put together.

Anyone who can’t make the meeting can send their ideas to and I will put them forward on your behalf”

Simon Raistrck

Life Beyond Wagtail

It was announced in the December edition that Wagtail would only be publishing four times in 2020, but a few people have got together to try to keep it going as a monthly magazine

We have new volunteers for editor, for Arkholme correspondent, and for advertising manager. If you are interested in helping as a village or organisation correspondent, or as a distributor (distributors are needed in all three villages), or in any other role, please email, and we’ll be in touch.

Michael Hampson – Editor.
Whittingtons’ Solution

That stalwart supporter of village activities, Simon Raistrick, has offered himself for the role of Correspondent for Whittington, Personally, I am delighted. Since they moved to the village Caroline and Simon have contributed more of their time and effort to the benefit of the village, than anyone could expect.

In the role of Correspondent for Whittington Simon will be a superb champion of our affairs. Many thanks, Simon and more power to your elbow. I appeal to all villagers to contact Simon with their stories, info and the affairs of family and friends, etc, for inclusion in this revitalised Wagtail.

John Keegan

Whittington Christmas Party 2019

On behalf of the Parish Council may I say a great big thank you to everyone who set up, attended and enjoyed the Christmas Party on 15th December.   Thanks first to the Village Hall Committee for all their work in preparing the childrens’ party, the mince pies and mulled wine, to Father Christmas for breaking off from his busy schedule to attend and distribute early presents, to all who attended and brought baubles making a splendid show on the Christmas Tree.   Hopefully, this will become an annual occasion  and we look forward to our next village event in 2020.

A very Happy Christmas and a Healthy New Year to everyone.

Iain Sutherland

Bauble Party

Sunday 15 December

  from 3 PM onwards (alongside the Children’s Christmas party)

Get to know your village neighbours by coming to the village hall

“Bring a Bauble party”

There will be Mulled wine and Mince pies. You can donate a classy Christmas Bauble to help decorate the village hall tree and mingle with each other, there will be plenty of people to make the introductions to anyone you do not know so come along…

its free

plus, the bar will be open