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What do You Get From This Blog?

John tells me that there is a significant audience which reads his blog, sadly only a few readers take the opportunity to comment.

Some people are aware that Wagtail deals with Parish communication, but while Wagtail is an excellent newsletter it is a Church magazine and covers areas outside Whittington and is therefore not a suitable publication for discussing issues of interest to residents of the civil parish.

So this means that John’s blog is the only form of communication open to everyone in the Parish, and outside if they wish to comment.

If you are concerned about any issue in the Parish or have views on someone else’s post don’t hesitate to air your views through the blog – whether or not you agree. In this way we will secure more participation and improve the nature and influence of the blog.

Graham Williams

Bulbs will brighten us up.

I am currently in the process of securing funding to purchase spring bulbs and wildflower seeds for planting around the Parish of Whittington.

If you would be interested in being part of a Community Planting Group around the Parish of Whittington then can you please contact me.  This will hopefully be part of a longer term activity to make our villages full of colour and wildlife.

I intend to hold a meeting in the Village Hall once funds are raised and I know how many people would be willing to take part. The scheme is to plant Spring Bulbs, daffodils, crocus, tulips and snowdrops in September 2019 in the first instance.

Contact me via email:

Thank you very much.

Caroline Raistrick

The School House

PS:  would love people from Newton and Docker to be a part as the planting will impact on them. 😀

Litter Picking Update

I have been asked to remind everyone that the Whittington Annual Litter Pick will commence at 9:15 am, for a couple of hours, this coming Saturday 23 March. Meet at the Village Hall.

I am assured that the weather forecast for Saturday is a light breeze and sunny intervals, NO RAIN.


I am also reminded that there will be tasty refreshments on offer.

The organisers take no responsibility if the “tasty refreshments” bear no relationship to the image above.

This is the fourth annual gathering ably organised by the Brigadier. Let’s ensure a great atmosphere on this occasion once again.  All equipment will be provided, as well as refreshments, at the village hall.

Last year over 100 black bin liners of rubbish were collected from the Highways and byways of Whittington so this is a very worthwhile event from which the village truly benefits.

John Keegan on behalf of the Whittington Community.