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Village Hall AGM

The Annual General Meeting of Whittington Village Hall is on Tuesday 12th June.

All inhabitants of the Parish who are eighteen years of age and over, are entitled to attend and vote.
At the AGM five Members of the Committee shall be elected. The elected members become the Trustees of the Charity, No.521355.

At the present time the Trustees of the Charity are: Eric Pelter, Karan Metcalfe, Barbara Atkinson, Helen Mackereth, Andrew Schofield, Kate Manders, Simon Raistrick, Aidrian Williams, Darren Jones.

John Keegan

WWI Centenary Beacon

You will remember the lighting of the Village Beacon last year.

Beacon on the Queens Diamond Jubilee 2012

Our Parish Council has registered, along with hundreds of other Parishes, Towns and Organisations, to hold a similar event in order to commemorate the end of the First World War.

The Beacon, which will of course be located on Sellet Bank, will be lit at 7pm on Sunday 11th November. It is also hoped that St Michaels Church will be part of the simultaneous ringing of bells, nationwide, to commemorate the occasion.

It says ere Tommy Atkins that we’ll be home fer Christmas.

Festivities, to take place in the Village hall that afternoon, are also being discussed.

Diamond Jubilee afternoon tea

Detailed information will be made available as the arrangements are finalised but let us all reserve the date so that we can commemorate the thirteen villagers who sacrificed their lives in the conflict.

They were:

 1  Frederick Eccles
2  James Edmund Hudson
3  George Cragg
4  John William Wilson
5  Peter Hodgson
6  Cecil Garnett
7  John Thomas Pelter
8  Rowland Fishwick
9  Frank Hodgson
10  John Haston
11  George Dennison
12  Charles Dawson-Greene
13  William Gibson Dodgson
20th June 1915
23rd August 1915
May 1916
25th Jan 1917
17th Feb 1917
23rd April 1917
25th April 1917
10th April 1917
9th July 1917
27th Nov 1917
19th March 1918
23rd April 1918
5th October 1918


Digital Shopping

In March 2016 I received the following email from Rev. Andrew Schofield.  I passed it straight on to the Parish Council, for the simple reason that they had decided to invest PC funds in support of B4RN, and as there was a Broadband Hub in the Parish Hall, it seemed logical that the PC would have considered why they had invested this money and to what purpose.  Andrew’s purpose was so eminently logical I was sure that between the PC and the Village Hall, sharing a common Chairman, we would see a take up on this idea with some alacrity.

A year of inactivity having gone by maybe this is the appropriate time to shake the village tree by airing the issue again!

John Keegan

A digital shop for Whittington?

A community computer at Whittington Village Hall would make shopping accessible for everyone!

The withdrawal of bus services through the village and discussion about a village shop focuses attention on those who are not able to go shopping for themselves.

When I was a lad, my mother had a notebook in which she listed all her requirements for the week. She’d take her shopping list to our local shop and in due course the groceries would be delivered to our front door. It still happens, of course, but these days you need a computer.

With a laptop computer at the Village Hall, there could be ‘shopping hours’ when volunteers would shop online for those who aren’t computer literate. Absolutely anyone with a debit or credit card can have an online account with Tesco, Asda or Sainsbury – and for other items, with M&S, John Lewis, Argos and (of course) Amazon.

If it worked, Whittington folk could do their shopping just by walking to the Village Hall!

Andrew Schofield
Holker House