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Village Defibrillator

Yesterday evenings defibrillator training event was a great success and extremely well attended, 35 people came!

It took the form of a workshop and involved all those present

First responders for area explained various techniques associated with the Defibrilator and its use.

Residents were able to question and be assured of the efficacy of the device.

Access to the equipment fully explained and any fears about using it allayed

David Reed, First Responder Coordinator for Whittington area, gave a Humorous presentation. (As he did at a Parish Council Meeting last year, which assisted the PC in coming to the decision to acquire the device).

There are vacancies for First Responders in our area. Anyone interested to get in touch with me

Very best regards

Colin Hall
Chairman Whittington Parish Council

2019 Could not be Buttyed

Whittington Blog sent its most experienced culinary reporter to the New Years Day Butty event at the village hall. – His, (or was it hers!!) report was as follows:

“The bacon butty event this morning was quite clearly a huge success!

To me attendance looked to be up on last year, the room was crammed, the butties were bursting with flavour and take it from me the morning was an absolute delight.

I understand all profit is to be donated to St Johns Hospice”

John Keegan