Clean Update

I took the following photographs during my walk around the village earlier today.

My concern is that ‘community facilities’ are not being monitored/maintained and as a result they are contributing to the general poor state of the village.

Zara Wilson, in her comment on the 25 September, was right, the village is deteriorating and the need for the mounting of a major clean up at the Village Hall only serves to highlight the work of the Trustees who allowed it to get into the condition which necessitated the clean up.

It appears that the Parish Council has sufficient unallocated funds to put some issues in order.  All they need is the will to do it, of course as things go we may not have a Parish Council this time next year.

The saddest of the photographs has to be the war memorial bearing in mind we are approaching the 100th anniversary of the end of the first world war.

It seem obvious that people should be able to read the names of the heroes who represented our village in two World Wars.

Graham Williams.

10 thoughts on “Clean Update”

  1. Graham has already been in touch so I am aware of his concerns.

    Do you mind mentioning that I do have those issues in hand and that work will be carried out at minimal cost

    Colin Hall

  2. Colin,
    Myself and Simon are of work tomorrow if you need a hand with anything. If the weather is dry I have some wood treatment for the gate and some stone cleaner for the memorial. Might have some black paint for the metal gate? Let us know.
    By the way what happened to the champagne for the winner of the dog walker Limerick?
    Misses R

  3. Hello everybody reading…….

    War memorial stone cleaned, however does anyone know how to clean the brass inscriptions without ruining the stone or the brass. If you get your suggestions to me by weekend I will sort it then. If your method is lengthy I wouldn’t mind some assistance with it. 🙂 🙂

    Refreshments provided. Thanks to a number of villagers who cut the grass and cleared the leaves from the church entrances. You know who you are .

  4. These photos show the newly cleaned War Memorial which clearly shows the efforts of those residents involved in its cleaning. We should all be grateful for their efforts.

    1. The transformation of the memorial is stunning, many many thanks to Mrs R, a lady who really does make things happen.


  5. The debate has been all well and good, but we are in a position where there is no formal procedure for inspecting and maintaining public facilities within the Parish, nor as far as I can see are there any allocated funds.

    Without such a procedure the maintenance of public facilities will continue to be hit and miss.

    The only body we have which might reasonably be expected to take a lead is the Parish Council which is at present seems to be in a state of flux.

    We may learn more with the publication of the PC minutes for September and it is always possible that it may be on their agenda for their November meeting.

    Perhaps more importantly we may learn how the existing PC sees the future of our PC when the majority of its existing members are due to retire at the next AGM.

    I believe that there is a fundamental problem in our community due to the lack of a formal means of communication, yes, we do have this blog and Wagtail but we have no way of knowing or determining which of our residents has access to the blog and regularly makes use of it and as far as I can see contributions to Wagtail are to say the least a matter of luck.

  6. Mark,
    Thank you for your support, however Mrs R 4 CLLR definitely not. My parents taught me that violence was not the answer, but with all the grief the current councillors get from you lot I could get arrested. Ha ha ha 🙂

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