Condition of Highways

At the last meeting of the Parish Council I agreed to try to determine what Lancashire County Council’s policy was over the maintenance of highways, particularly in relation to Whittington.

I have now had a response from the Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport which I summarise:

1. Lancashire County Council is short of funds
2. The highways department plan annually for highways which are in need of and justify resurfacing.
2.1 No roads in Whittington Parish are scheduled for the current financial year.
3. It is recognised that Church Street is in poor condition and temporary repairs are planned at some time over the next few weeks.
4. Potholes which meet “intervention” levels will be repaired as required
4.1 I have requested clarity of the definition of “intervention” levels
5. I am sure that this issue will be discussed at the next meeting of the Parish Council on Monday 16th July.

Graham Williams

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