Cooking Recipes

I have decided that I will, occasionally publish recipes on this blog.

It is my intention that the recipes should be a little diferent, but we will see what transpires.

The first eight will be:
Cauliflower (or Broccoli) Cheese
Cheesy Chip Omelette (a real novel idea)
Cottage Pie (great recipe with red wine)
Crêpes Suzette (one of my favourites)
Kedgeree (a staple for me)
Mushy Peas (so, so simple)
Potato Cakes (this is a cracker in my opinion)
Rum & Raisin Rice Pudding (and plenty of rum left over)

I plan to put a new recipe on the blog each Sunday, starting this week.

I would be delighted if anyone would like to contribute a recipe of their own by emailing it to me at

John Keegan



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