Council Tax 2018-19

The full details of the the Council Tax demand for 2018 to 2019 are now available on the City Council Website.

As far as Whittington is concerned the breakdown of all Bands is as follows:

The percentage increase in the Whittington Precept is 7.4%. However in the case of our house, which is in band F the total precept for the year will cost Maureen and I £36.79 which is an increase of £2.54 on last year. I don’t see that as being anything to complain about.

The rest of the elements that make up the Council tax have increased, in every case except the Police & Crime Commission, by 3.0%.

The exception, the Police & Crime Commission, has increased by 7.3%, which means I will be paying an extra £17.44 a year.  Whilst this is not an exceptional amount I am concerned that since PACT (Police and Community Together) stopped visiting the village we have lost six regular visits each month, every Tuesday to the Pensioners Lunches and two visits coinciding with the Library van.  The PACT Team used to attend our PC meetings, which they cannot afford to do now because it involves paying overtime.

I would not argue that the Commission does not need extra funding in these times when terrorism, knife and gun crimes are on the increase but we must always remember that properties in rural areas are always in higher Tax Bands than their City counterparts, because of how the bands are calculated.

It is time that the areas of high population density, where the majority of crime occurs, carry their fair share of the cost.

If you would like to see how other Parishes fair the complete list is here: Council Tax Bands 2018-19

John Keegan

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