Dave Morris – Brexit

Probably Brexit is the one item that will impact on the lives of all our villagers in our lifetime.

At heart I am a Liberal. Not a Lib Dem, just a simple, original definition of a Liberal. At heart therefore I am not necessarily on the same bench as our MP Dave Morris. However I have access to the Internet qnd can keep track of his activity. As  result I now record how he voted in respect of the key votes on the evening of Monday 25 March 2019:

  •  Against Conservative MP Sir Oliver Letwin’s and Labour MP Hilary Benn’s amendment to allow MPs to take control of Commons business and put forward their own motions relating to Brexit – most likely a series of votes on the next steps. (Amendment passed)
  • Against Labour MP Dame Margaret Beckett’s amendment to allow MPs a vote on a no-deal Brexit or to request an extension, should the UK come within seven days of leaving the EU without a deal. (Amendment failed)
  • Against The main motion as amended by Sir Oliver Letwin’s amendment. (Motion passed)
John Keegan

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