Dr. Doolittle

For those of you who want to know what is happening, and when here is the Schedule for the filming of the Universal Studios film, The Voyage of Dr. Doolittle, in Kirkby Lonsdale.This is a Hollywood (Universal Studios) film staring Robert Downey Jr as Dr. Doolittle, and Antomio Banderas as Rassouli .

The film has a large animation element, which includes a full size wooden giraffe as a stand in, in Kirkby Lonsdale.

The cast of voices for the animal animations is quite impressive.  I am sure that the film, when it is released in 2019 will have us all flocking to the Royal Barn to see the premier in Kirkby Lonsdale ( it could be on for weeks!!)

John Keegan

3 thoughts on “Dr. Doolittle”

    1. I understand that they are using “some” local actors. Unfortunately I don’t know how many. The film is to contain a lot on animal animation (Dr. Doolittle, talking to the animals) so one actor is a full size wooden giraffe. I can’t be sure the giraffe is of local origin.

      Their work here finishes on Friday.

  1. Just need to set the record straight as to ‘payments to business’. Several locals have been into the shop chatting about Dr Doolittle and making comment how quiet the shops were. Such statements being followed with “at least the film company are paying you”.
    Alas the film company are not paying any compensation to any of the retail premises on Main Street, or Market Street. The retail premises (excluding the pubs)are down around 50% on a normal week.

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