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Only the most curmudgeonly of residents will fail to jump for joy at the news that Simon Nutter as submitted a new Planning Application, Ref: 18/00567/FUL, for the Dragons Head.

Let us hope that there are no more self serving malicious objections, founded on ignorance and hearsay, this time.

This link should get you to the application form.  Then select the Related Documents Tab and click on View Associated Documents.  If you have problems let me know and I will download some key documents to this site.

Dragons Head Application 18/00567/FUL

I would like to encourage users of the Dragons Head to support the application by adding a comment to this post.

John Keegan

3 thoughts on “Dragons Head Planning”

  1. I have submitted my views on the Application to the Planning Authority, in the following terms:

    “Together with the village hall and our Church, the Dragons Head has been, for very many years, an integral part of the social structure of the village of Whittington.

    Since the pub closed we have lost the main, regular, meeting point for villagers, not only from Whittington but also from the surrounding villages of Hutton Roof, Newton, Docker, Arkholme and indeed Kirkby Lonsdale, Hornby and Carnforth.

    The pub always attracted a significant dining clientele and now, with the reintroduction of our bus service people from even father afield will be able to take advantage of the planned facilities outlined in the Application.

    I can understand that the plan to build three attached dwellings, and the conversion of the “Barn”, which of course was never a barn, it was a stable, will enhance funds available to invest in the significant improvements to the pub, that are contained in the Application.

    I would like to add not only my support but also the support of the contributors to the Whittington Village Blog, to all aspects of the application.

    John Keegan

  2. Viewed the plans etc for the pub and they look great if it goes ahead. Support your views that the pub is a real focus point of the parish and it would be fantastic to see it reopened.

    Given a number of, shall we say false dawns on this matter, to support Mr Nutters plans and reinforce his commitment, I would like to see that it is a condition of approval that the pub be completed and open within/or at the same time as the new house builds.

  3. If the option was simply to re-open the pub then I’m sure you are perfectly correct Michael.

    My underlying feeling is that the changes to the Dragons Head are not merely superficial (albeit extensive) repairs but a massive redesign introducing two B&B apartments upstairs. Adding a new set of stairs, giving independent access. Including a small shop and remove the dividing walls to make a complete open plan configuration, and an extensive improvement and expansion of the toilet facilities.

    As you know, the kitchen needs to be completely remodeled, to meet Public Health requirements.

    My commercial assessment of this is that some funds, derived from profit from the sale of one or more properties will be essential to support the extent of the work required on the pub.

    The alternative is to refurbish the pub then rely on profit from the pub to build the houses. That does not seem, to me, to be a commercial reality.

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