Dragons Head Update

Since the beginning of August six new documents have been posted to the City Council Planning Department Website.

One is a support comment from Toby Lehmann, owner of an adjoining property.

Five are amendments to the plans in the Application.

John Keegan

8 thoughts on “Dragons Head Update”

  1. Follow Grahams link. The Application No. is 18/00567/FUL

    Enter this No. in the box entitled:
    Enter a keyword, reference number, postcode or single line of an address.

    Then press Search.
    Selected the TAB that says Related Documents
    Then click on: View Associated Documents
    You then click on the blue link for the document you want, on the left of the screen.

  2. Hi John,
    I wonder if you could please shed light on a situation;

    Are there any circumstances in which the pub can be converted into a house?


    1. Hello to all,

      I`m from Germany and 30 years ago I have spend 3 weeks in the pub and my friend and me have had a great time there. 2 days ago I came back to the Dragons Head try to find out if I can find some people who I met in 1988 there.
      After our time there in the pub (I was there with Andy and we came there with 2 motorbikes) all the people in the pub gave a farewell party for us. The party was organized by the 2 girls, I think one was Amanda, and her mother was a teacher. They lives at the two croft view house at the main street.
      When I stood on Saturday before the pub I saw that the pup is closed. No one lives in Amanda’s house anymore.
      Can someone else remember? Can someone else remember? It was just a great time and I would have liked to meet Amanda and her sister.
      Greetings from Germany

    2. Dragon’s Head Planning

      Although I am not a planning expert I suspect that there is no guarantee that the Dragon’s Head will be re-opened as a Public House should planning consent be given for the site as a whole.

      Inevitably, when the time comes the decision will be based on a commercial assessment of the viability of the project.

      The main factor is likely to be the cost of restoration and the longer the process takes the more the fabric will deteriorate and the higher the costs. The building was never well maintained and the photographs show some of the visible state of the property.

      Graham Williams

      P.S I haven’t been able to post the photo’s that Graham provided because images cannot be posted into comments, only into original posts. JK

  3. Thirty years is a long time Andreas. However we still have people in the village who used the pub in those days (I didn’t, we only moved to Whitington in 2001) So if you can give me a few weeks I will try to get some information together.

    Haben Sie einen guten Tag,
    John Keegan

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