Ely Cathedral

Speaking with Graham Williams the other day he mentioned that he and Sue had been to Ely Cathedral, this weekend, to listen to the choir in which their daughter is a member.

Ely Cathedral


This reminded me of a Sunday Lunchtime drinks party Maureen and I were invited to in Cambridgeshire in 1987.

I was in conversation in a group of five or six people, which included Rt. Rev. Peter Walker, Bishop of Ely.

Rt. Rev. Peter Walker – Bishop of Ely 1977-1989

One lady asked me, in an extreme “landed” accent, what it was like to have moved from “The North” to “The South”.

Laying on the Lancashire accent a bit, I said “It’s not the South down here is it?”  She replied that it was, and what did I think it was.

I responded with “Well we’ve just received our first Gas Bill and it was from the East Midlands Gas Board, so I assumed that this is the Midlands”.

This was a conversation stopper and the group broke up shortly after.  Ten minutes later there was a tap on my shoulder.  It was the Bishop of Ely. He said to me, very quietly, “Very well said young man”, and walked away with a wink.

John Keegan


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