First Responders

Colin Hall tells me that no one has come forward offering to train as a First Responder, following the publicity surrounding our Parish Councils decision to invest in a Defibrillator.

Defibrillators save lives but they need someone to use them.  The more people, who are trained to be First Responders, the more likely is it that someone you know and love, will be spared and given a few more years before they shuffle of this mortal coil.

Even if you don’t feel able to take on this role yourself please speak with your friends and neighbours, spreading the news of the action our PC is taking and mentioning that more First Responders are desperately needed.

Anyone interested should contact Colin Hall via email at: or by phone to 015242 71865.

John Keegan

3 thoughts on “First Responders”

  1. Graham has pointed out to me that I have been a little unclear.
    You do not need to be a first responder to use a defibrillator.
    We do need more first responders regardless of the defibrillator.

    1. I gather, from the response from CHT in the news item Graham quoted above, the defibrillator was not of the type shown in the news photo, which is an AED and has an external power supply which keeps the battery charged.

      In fact the defibrillator must have been of the type which the First Responder, who gave the presentation to our PC, brought with him. That type (which also kept emitting a “low battery” warning during the presentation) requires that the First Responder ensures it is always fully charged.

      The type the PC are considering is housed in a wall mounted box and is complete with an external power supply which keeps the battery charged, and also ensures that the unit is kept at the correct temperature during cold periods.

      What I find disturbing about Grahams post is that the Headmaster, who I would have expected to be fully cognisant of the operation and storage conditions for the defibrillator, failed in his duty of care of the device.

      John Keegan.

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