Gerald on Hodgkin

On Monday of this week I had the pleasure of accompanying our legendary historian, Gerald Hodgson, to the fortnightly meeting of the Hornby Institute based, Lunesdale Probus, where Gerald gave a presentation on the Photographic Archive of Rev. John Hodgkin (with me as computer and projector operative).

Probus Clubs are for retired or semi-retired business or professional people. The movement operates worldwide.

I wonder why the lad on the left looks like Rob Mackereth!

It gives me a singular satisfaction to report on the excellence of Gerald’s presentation.  I was quite astounded by his knowledge of the turn of the (last) century motorcycles he introduced.  As you would expect the gathering was fascinated by many of the characters that comprised Whittington populace, from all ends of the social ladder, but predominantly the gentrified end.

Since Gerald acquired an Epson Projector he is able to produce excellent presentations which continue to enhance the reputation of Whittington throughout the Lune Valley.

In recognition of Gerald’s presentation the Probus Club kindly provided lunch for both historian and projectionist.

John Keegan

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