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Keen observers of traffic signs will no doubt have noticed the new sign that has been put up at Biggins crossroads at Kirkby Lonsdale again advising HGV drivers not to use their road but I suppose use Church Street at Whittington instead. A similar sign was placed there a few years ago but we eventually persuaded Cumbria Council to remove it so perhaps with a little effort we can do the same thing again, I hear the Parish Council have the matter in hand so let us hope they are successful.

That hard working lady Marjorie Dixon from Harrison’s Farm is 90 years old this week, best wishes for a happy birthday Mrs Dixon from all your friends in the village. Have you been watching the Rooks rebuilding their nests in that large oak tree at Dobby Lane? They really have worked hard and there must be almost twenty nests in the tree this year. They must have reared a lot of young Rooks last year.

There was a break in at the Village Hall last week but fortunately not a lot of damage was done and nothing much was stolen, no money is ever left on the property so really it was a wasted effort on their part but it is not nice to think that people are wandering the village at night looking for things to steal. A truck was broken into at Low Hall and a quantity of hand tools were stolen on the same night so it pays to be vigilant the whole time.

Gerald Hodgson

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