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What a lovely sunny day Remembrance Day was. It was quite pleasant standing around the War Memorial during the minute’s silence and the reading of the names of the fallen.

It reminds us of the debt we owe to those brave men who left our village and never returned.

Best wishes to Alan Airey of Gressingham who was involved in an accident at Carnforth and is recovering from his injuries in Preston Hospital, we hope to see you back home soon Alan.

Have you walked up Hosticle Lane recently? The condition of it is disgusting. It must be the most neglected road in Lancashire. Great lengths of the road surface have disappeared, large stones have fallen out of the retaining walls into the road, and the few drains there is level full of soil. A lot of the hedges are untrimmed, making the lane even narrower. The state of it must be similar to what it was when it was the main drovers’ road from Scotland 150 years ago.

There are dances in the Village Hall on December 21st, and on January 4th which is a supper dance (you need tickets for that one), and January 18th which is the annual cancer charity dance, and finally February 1st when the Bon Accords Scottish band are playing.

A happy Christmas to everyone, best wishes.

Gerald Hodgson

(Wagtail readers will now know that the December edition is the very last one. In future Gerald will forward his “Musings” to me for inclusion on the Blog. At least we in Whittington will not suffer from Hodgson withdrawl syndrome JK)

2 thoughts on “Gerald’s December Blog”

  1. Hi John,

    I have just read that the Wagtail is no more. This is very sad but as with everything we need volunteers. You do a sterling job on here but somehow I feel we are now disconnected from activities going on at Arkholme, Gressingham and Hornby. Very sad especially for those who do not use the internet and not everyone wants death by email!

  2. The dissemination of information and encouraging parishioners to participate in the decision making processes of the PC, has been a bur under Grahams saddle for as long as I can remember.

    Graham is quite capable of outlining his direction of travel himself, but the key to achieving his aims lies in knowing exactly who has a presence on the Internet.

    In this, he and I do not see eye to eye. I contend that the advent of Smartphones has created a world where people are on the internet but do not necessarily use email. These people tend to view WebPages, Facebook and Twitter but do not necessarily interact with them. Indeed the number of people that discuss items that are on the blog then contact me to put something on, on their behalf is quite surprising.

    At the last count, Whittington Parish Council has an email circulation list of some 47 correspondents.

    Wagtails Editor, Michael Hampson, has explained the situation in Arkholme and Gressingham, as follows:
    “Arkholme and Gressingham both have active email lists that send out local news and, in particular, information about events.

    They are becoming far more important than Wagtail, for both event organisers and potential event-goers.

    Might Whittington Parish Council be interested in overseeing the setting up a similar email list for Whittington?

    Gressingham (and the four-parishes weekly newsletter) use, which stores the mailing list and handles unsubscriptions automatically (and, optionally, new subscriptions as well).”

    I’m more inclined to agree with Caroline than Michael. We have no idea what proportion of our villagers are on the Internet. When I asked B4RN a couple of years ago they claimed Data Protection regulations as the reason for not providing their answer. That was obviously a prevarication because Data Protection has no impact on the numbers connected to the internet. However, the point is that paper through the letterbox is more engaging than just another of the multitude of unsolicitated emails, that we can all ignore among the dross that we receive.

    Wagtail pulled together the three villages in a way that an email newsletter, however handy it might be, cannot replace.
    Caroline is right the bond probably no longer exists outside the Women’s Institute.

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